The Votes Are In: This Is Everything People Hated Most in 2017

From the most unforgettable moments of the year to the most hated pop culture trends we hope are dead and gone forever, 2017 was quite the doozy. As we put the year in our rear view mirror, there’s no denying that 2017 gave us plenty of reasons to run toward 2018 at full speed ahead. But not before we take one last look at all the things we hated most, of course!

According to the hundreds of thousands of people who use Hater, a dating app that matches users based on what they hate, there’s a laundry list of top contenders for the “most hated of 2017” award. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

1. Most hated food: Hawaiian pizza

Pineapple and Ham Hawaiian Pizza

It’s a very controversial pizza topping. | bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

Second place: Spray cheese

Third place: Burritos that fall apart 

We’re not quite sure what the classic ham and pineapple combo ever did to deserve this ranking, but apparently, it wasn’t good. People were far from pleased with Hawaiian pizza in 2017. And while we may be slightly confused by this, there’s no question as to how the other two foods made the list.

Spray cheese? Ew. That stuff should have been banned back in the 80s. And burritos that fall apart are pretty much the worst thing you could ask for, everyone knows that.

2. Most loved food: Chicken nuggets

Chicken nuggets

Forget unicorn food, chicken nuggets are the 2017 champs. | OlgaMiltsova/iStock/Getty Images

Second place: Nachos

Third place: Garlic bread

It’s official: Chicken nuggets have made their comeback. Often considered the much-less-loved alternative to a fast food burger, nuggets have hit their stride. And it kind of makes sense, given the fact that plenty of places are adamant about advertising their white-meat-only nugs.

Not surprisingly, nachos and garlic bread also made the most loved list — for very obvious reasons.

3. Most hated clothes: Male rompers

Romper for men

Please stop. | RompHim via Facebook

Second place: Cargo shorts

Third place: Crocs

Yes, male rompers are a thing. But we’re really hoping that this one, in particular, is a fad that never, ever comes back. Because, wow. Not far behind the dreaded man romper are cargo shorts (hey, the 90s called …) and Crocs (yikes).

4. Most loved clothes: Sweatpants

Girl sitting on floor with sweatpants and leopard socks

Comfort wins again. | ISO3000/iStock/Getty Images

Second place: Suits

Third place: Joggers

Sweatpants were the most loved clothing item of the year? Well, duh! If there were ever a year to want to stay holed up at home and schlep around in sweats, it was 2017. Oddly enough, suits weren’t far behind. And then, it was back to some more comfy clothes with joggers. Go figure.

5. Most hated person: Donald Trump

donald trump's face in white shirt, red tie

The people hate the president. | Mario Tama/Getty Images

Second place: The Kardashians 

Third place: Harvey Weinstein 

You know it’s bad when the Kardashians are more hated than the worst guy in Hollywood. But the people have spoken, and it would appear that the reality TV family is just too annoying to put up with. As for Donald Trump, the fact that he managed to nab the No. 1 spot needs no explaining whatsoever.

6. Most loved person: My mom

Girl and mom in Superhero costume

Shout out to all the super moms out there. | Choreograph/iStock/Getty Images

Second place: Tom Hanks

Third place: Michelle Obama

This one proves that not all faith in humanity is lost. The most loved person of the year — and quite possibly all time — was indeed mom. How about that for a breath of fresh air?

Tom Hanks and Michelle Obama effortlessly claimed the second and third spots. Alas, there’s hope for us yet.

7. Most hated phrase: Build the wall

Muslim Ban

It’s more surprising that it’s not ‘fake news.’ | Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Second place: K

Third place: F***boy

Not surprisingly, Trump, or at least a favorite quote of his, makes the list once more. His infamous, well-documented, and of course, super-hated proclamation to “built the wall” is one statement we all wish we could soon forget.

The fact is, he’s one hell of a f***boy, am I right? K, bye.

8. Most loved phrase: I love you

Love is all you need. | iStock/Getty Images

Second place: Bae

Third place: Lit

Well now, isn’t this sweet. We’re happy that folks voted “I love you” as their most favorite phrase of the year. Mr. President, we hope you’re taking notes, here.

9. Most hated band: Nickelback

Poor Nickelback can’t catch a break. | Jonathan Wood/Getty Images

Second place: DJ Khaled

Third place: Kid Rock

Nickelback — need we say more? Didn’t think so.

10. Most loved band: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick scored the top spot. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Second place: The Weekend

Third place: Beyoncé

Once again restoring our faith in humanity, the people have spoken, and they’ve voted Beyoncé onto the list. (Oh yeah, and Kendrick Lamar and The Weekend also made the list.) She may be No. 3 on this ranking, but Queen B will always be No. 1 in our hearts.

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