These 12 Riddles Will Test Your Brain…Will It Pass?


One of the downsides of always being in touch, whether it’s with Google or other people via phones and social media, is that we’ve become pretty reliant on other sources for the answers. There’s something to be said for sitting down with a trick question and working your way through it.

So take a look at these twelve riddles and see how many you can figure out correctly. And don’t be afraid to put some time into it. We’re so used to making quick decisions that sometimes we forget to spend a little extra time on something that stumps us.

And if you can’t get an answer or get it incorrect, don’t sweat it. These are supposed to be tricky, after all!

So let’s do this…



Answer: A. If Sarah is not married then John is looking at an unmarried person. If Sarah is married then she is looking at Paul who is not married. Either way, a married person is looking at someone who is unmarried.



Answer: (Rock) & (Roll) M(ewe) (sick)



Answer: 4,100, not 5,000!



Answer: 10 (Dead fish count, and how could a fish swim away when it’s in a tank?)



Answer: They weren’t playing each other.



Answer: Women can be doctors, too, you know. The three doctors are Robert’s sisters.



Answer: Months 6,4,9,10,11 are June, April, September, October, November (J-A-S-O-N)



Answer: (There are three answers, actually) 51 and 15, 42 and 24, or 60 and (0)6.



Answer: You’d think first, but passing the person in second means YOU’RE the person in second now.



Answer: A sponge



Answer: A road, of course!



Answer: It’s not quite as violent as it seems. She’s a photographer!