These Adorable Photos of ‘Dogs in Food’ Are the Cutest Things You’ll See All Day

Truth is, there is nothing more adorable than puppies in the flesh. Photos of puppies just fill in the gaps between holding those adorable creatures in your arms. Until now, of course. These ‘dogs in food’ photos are guaranteed to make you smile and also have you starving a little bit. @Dogs_infood and @corgisinfood Instagram accounts officially make our day (every day).

In all seriousness, take a peek at these dog photos, and you’ll absolutely have an even more fabulous day. Oh, and you can send over a photo of your pup to @dogs_infood and see your fur-baby photoshopped into your favorite food.

Frenchie in a sundae

Dog in sundae

It’s a Frenchie sundae. | dogs_infood via Instagram

Hands down the most decadent-looking chocolate fudge sundae to ever grace any Instagram feed, and then they go and put this sweet two-tone Frenchie in it. We would share this sweet beverage with this puppy forever and ever.

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Chocolate chip pug cookies

pug cookies

It’s one cute cookie. | dogs_infood via Instagram

A countertop full of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies is usually the best part of anyone’s day until you photoshop the head of cute little pug. It’s no surprise this post is the most-liked of all @dogs_infood’s. From now on, anytime you pick up a freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie, you can imagine this pug,  and your life will be better because of it.

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The best kind of muffin top

dog top muffin

It’s the best kind of muffin top. | dogs_infood via Instagram

Everyone already knows that the best part of any muffin is the top. The rest is only there to support that fluffy goodness. This copper-colored, grumpy-faced puppy just hanging out on top of what looks like some kind of spiced-cupcake just makes a good thing that much better.

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Sharpei dumplings for the win


They really do look like dumplings. | dogs_infood via Instagram

All the wrinkles of this baby Sharpei have us swooning, not to mention looking up the nearest location to buy a batch of steamed dumplings. Even though this puppy has obviously been shrunken down to equal the size of a dumpling, this little fellow could fit in the palm of your hands. The better news is that the Sharpei’s name is Dylan, and you can see all of his wrinkles up close if you follow his account.

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Pom pom cream puffs forever

dog cream puff

Cream puff is an apt description for the breed. | dogs_infood via Instagram

First of all, these cream puffs are a work of culinary art, but the best part is the most definitely the puffy Pomeranian. Plus, this fluff ball of a dog couldn’t blend in any better with the fluffiness of the cream.

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Doodle Bob Ross arancini


It almost looks normal. | dogs_infood via Instagram

Do yourself a favor and start following @poochofnyc. His name is Agador, and he is the “Bob Ross of dogs.” Never has a bouffant looked so impressive on a little doodle dog than now. And that copper-toned hairdo is actually just camouflage for arancini.

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A puppy pug croissant to make your heart melt


He fits right in. | dogs_infood via Instagram

A plate of croissants with that one perfectly golden-browned pug is melting our hearts. Even though it’s a little surprising this photo has less than 4,000 likes, you can give it some love once you start following.

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Grumpy pup cake pops

dog cake pop

He didn’t get the sprinkle memo. | dogs_infood via Instagram

Apparently, cake pops are still popular. The trend still exists, and as long as grumpy, black-furred dogs have their faces photoshopped onto them, it’s a trend worth keeping alive in our book.

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Sashimi corgy Trump head

corgi Donald Trump

Just when we thought his hair couldn’t get any more wild … | corgisinfood via Instagram

@corgisinfood is the original ‘dogs in food’ genius, and we can see why. Both the Corgi and the salmon sashimi couldn’t match President Trump’s coloring any better. This sneaky little Corgi knows how to keep us laughing.

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Sleepy little swirled Corgi bagel

corgi bagel

This would be too sweet to eat. | corgisinfood via Instagram

Another irresistible Corgi shoutout goes to the puppy nuzzled up on the marbled bagel. The pup’s name is Chompers, lives in San Francisco and is your one-stop Instagram shop for all things lifestyle, travel, and food. Hence the bagel edit.

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Puppy-latte to start your morning off right


Can your barista do this? | dogs_infood via Instagram

Everyone takes the creation and presentation of their lattes very seriously — no judgment. Some mornings, however, call for a fancier take on your coffee tradition. For instance, like these two little Poms who are breaking our caffeine-addicted hearts. May you always envision a double shot of “pup-spresso.”

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More puppy popcorn, please

dog popcorn

He fits in perfectly. | dogs_infood via Instagram

Quite possibly the most addicting snack on earth just became even more unavoidable. Who knew popcorn and a Maltese could twin so perfectly? Not only are we itching for the cinema, but now it may be impossible to eat popcorn without wishing a mini-Maltese could hang out in the bucket.

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A Dachshund peanut butter pup

peanut butter cup dog

Dogs do love peanut butter. | dogs_infood via Instagram

This peanut butter cup makes the absolute best collar in the world, and the level of fancy is just over the top here. Considering the very center of the peanut butter cup is already the best, everyone now has no other choice but to save the best for last.

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Lazy hound dog tacos

dog taco

This actually looks kind of comfortable. | dogs_infood via Instagram

Dean, the basset hound, is another dog Instagram account that needs to be in your feed. Not only can you find Dean lounging in a carne asada taco, but you watch him living his real life in Toronto. He drags and flops his ears around the snow and dirt all day long.

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Boozy weekend Corgis

corgi in drink

Well they’re having fun. | corgisinfood via Instagram

Last and certainly not least is the best pina colada ever to be seen, and its none other than Max and Nellie enjoying the relaxations of its frosty glass. These twin Corgis live in South Carolina, where they love to dress up in costumes and take car rides.

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