These Adorable Photos of the World’s Biggest House Cat Reveal How Lovable He Really Is

Bigger is better when it comes to this cat. Ludo, a Maine Coon breed, is the longest domestic cat according to the Guinness Book of World Records. That makes him the biggest house cat in the world. Continue reading to find out what makes him so lovable. We’ll also see how he stacks up to previous world record holders.

See just how big Ludo is in size

Ludo The Giant Cat in a bathtub

He can see above the tub easily. | Ludo the World’s Biggest cat via Instagram

Ludo’s water dish is in his owner’s tub because “Maine Coons like to splash water!” Ludo’s owner, Kelsey, writes on Facebook. She shared this picture of Ludo in her tub. Ludo’s sitting up, looking over the tub’s edge with ease. Kelsey thinks Ludo needs a bigger tub and we agree.

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Nobody wakes up baby

In this picture, we have a 9-pound Ludo watching over a baby. Even though the baby is only 1 year old, we start to really get a sense of just how big this record-holding cat is.

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Picking Ludo up is no easy task


He is understandably heavy. | Ludo the World’s Biggest cat via Instagram

Ludo hasn’t always been the biggest cat in the world. At just 2 months old, Ludo was tiny. He continues to grow, surpassing the typical house cat — so much so that he’s difficult to hold because of his size.

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Ludo’s paws are giant


His paw is almost the size of her palm. | Ludo the World’s Biggest cat via Instagram

To fully grasp just how big Ludo is, take a look at Ludo’s paw resting in Kelsey’s hand. His paw is practically the size of her palm. Clearly, he’s not the size of an average house cat. He may resemble a newborn lion cub more.

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He loves his growing family


Ludo is still bigger than the little one. | Ludo the World’s Biggest cat via Instagram

Remember Ludo watching over the baby? This picture is one year later, and Ludo still enjoys hanging out with his little friend. Interestingly, Ludo still looks huge next to the child. In fact, Ludo is still huge when compared to older children, too.

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There’s more of him to love


He is the size of a small child. | Ludo the World’s Biggest cat via Instagram

Ludo is the size of a small child. Just look at the above picture of Ludo stretching out next to a little boy. From nose to tail, Ludo measures nearly 4 feet in length. Picking up Ludo is no easy task. He weighs 37 pounds, Kelsey writes on Instagram. “You can always find Ludo,” Kelsey told Guinness World Records.

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Ludo dwarfs home items


That’s not even a recent picture. | Ludo the World’s Biggest cat via Instagram

Still not sure just how massive Ludo is in size? Grab your TV remote and do a comparison to this photo on Ludo’s Instagram feed. Kelsey uses a remote to show how big Ludo is in 2016. Keep in mind, Ludo is bigger now than in this picture. Imagine losing your TV remote and finding out later that your cat’s been sitting on it the entire time.

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He’s a gentle giant


Despite his size, he’s lovable and friendly. | Ludo the World’s Biggest cat via Instagram

There’s no need to be afraid of Ludo because of his size. “He loves being stroked and cuddled,” Kelsey tells Guinness World Records in a video. Ludo is the definition of a gentle giant. “He loves being groomed,” Kelsey added. “He’ll lay there and pur while I’m grooming him.”

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Ludo doesn’t mind noisy children or toys. Here’s an adorable picture of him laying next to a toy vacuum cleaner. Of course, Ludo also takes up nearly half of the child’s floor mat, too.

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He needs a bigger couch

Ludo also enjoys laying on the couch, but clearly, sometimes he doesn’t completely fit on it.

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Record holders

Ludo compared to other record holders | Ludo the World’s Biggest cat via Instagram

Here’s a picture of Ludo and the previous two biggest cats in the world. As you can see, Ludo not only holds his own when compared to recent previous record holders, he’s also still the heaviest and tied for the longest.

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