These Amazing Instagram Photos Reveal the True Magic of Disney World

Have you ever missed Disney World so much that you found yourself looking at old trip photos just to relive the magic? If you’ve been in the mood for Disney, these are the pictures for you. Read on to gaze at some of the most amazing Instagram photos posted by Walt Disney World.

1. The moment 2 young girls got to fulfill their Tangled dreams

two girls at Disney
These girls got to live out Tangled. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

What is Disney World about if not creating unforgettable memories with friends and family? In this photo we see two young girls holding one of the lanterns from Tangled. Both donning mouse ears, smiling from ear-to-ear, their faces aglow from the light of the lantern, it’s easy to tell this is a moment those girls will remember for the rest of their lives.

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2. Now that’s a Christmas tree!

Christmas tree
It’s even more magical around the holidays. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

Disney World is magical all year round, but it encapsulates a special kind of magic around the holidays. The decorations, the music, and even the smells help to transport guests into a Disney-fied winter wonderland. One of the biggest attractions at Disney World during the holidays is the grand tree in the Magic Kingdom. The Walt Disney World Instagram titled this photo, “Now that’s a 🎄! 😲 ”

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3. This photo that makes you feel like you’re on Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain
We can feel the drop. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

Looking at this photo, you can almost feel your stomach drop. Besides all of the stunning decor the park offers, what most patrons really go to Disney World for is the rides. Disney is famous for finding the intersection of storytelling and fun thrills. Splash Mountain is no exception, and it feels like we’re going down the famous drop just by looking at this Instagram photo.

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4. Make a wish

There’s nothing quite like taking in the fireworks at Disney. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

A trip to Disney World isn’t complete without a fabulous fireworks display. There’s nothing like finding a spot in the crowd to finally stop walking and take it easy after a long day of park hopping — the only thing left to do is look up at the sky and be amazed.

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5. Epcot never looked so stunning

Epcot steals the show. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

This photo truly captures the beauty of Epcot. Under a sky that almost steals the show, you can really appreciate the attention to detail each and every park possesses. Every single flower planted is intentional and helps to set the stage for us park goers, making sure we have the most magical time possible.

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6. Meeting your favorite princess

Disney princess
The characters come to life. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

Do you remember the first time you met your favorite princess at Disney World? Does it hold a special place in your heart? Children idolize their favorite Disney characters. As every parent knows, fictional characters are sometimes so incorporated in the lives of children, it’s almost like they become a part of the family. This photo perfectly captures the magic of meeting your favorite Disney princess in real life.

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7. Don’t forget about the magical snacks

Disney snacks
Even the snacks look magical. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

In addition to being filled with the park’s stunning views and smiling faces, the Walt Disney World Instagram page is also filled with some of Disney’s best treats. This photo shows off some of their best: churros, a giant turkey leg, and Mickey-shaped pretzels and ice cream. Our mouths are watering just looking at it.

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8. How’s the view up there?

Disney has incredible wildlife. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

The rides are thrilling and the decor is awe-inspiring, but another really cool thing Walt Disney World offers is a close up look at some incredible wildlife. On its Instagram page you can find pictures of monkeys swinging from trees, parrots nuzzling, and giraffes posing in the grasslands.

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9. The man who started it all

Walt Disney statue
Walt Disney turned us all into dreamers. | Walt Disney World via Instagram

One of the most famous landmarks at Disney World is the statue of Walt Disney holding Mickey’s hand, both looking ahead to the future. This photo is such a cool shot of the famous duo–the dreamy black and white tones give the photo an antique feeling. “‘It’s kind of fun to do the #Impossible’ – Walt Disney,” reads the caption.

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