These Are All the Ways Prince Harry Is Just Like His Mother, Princess Diana

Princess Diana and Prince Harry

Prince Harry has a giving heart, like his mother. | Allan Lewis/AFP/Getty Images

Everyone loved Princess Diana, especially her sons, Harry and William. Prince Harry was only 12 when Diana died, and it scarred him deeply. After her death Harry created headlines by running with the wealthy set, smoking and drinking, and generally acting anything but “royal.”

Today, however, Prince Harry has settled down and is getting married. And, according to Newsweek, he “exudes a combination of royal stardust, accessibility, confidence and mischief, a mixture that reminds many people of his mother.” Keep reading to explore the ways Prince Harry is just like Princess Diana — and fall in love all over again.

1. He has charitable causes

Like his mother, Harry has charitable causes he cares about, according to Vogue. Not only does he work with the military — and veterans — his missions include land mines and AIDs. You might remember that Diana championed the same causes.

Princess Diana even shook hands with an HIV-positive man in 1987 — sans gloves — to help eliminate untrue stigmas about the disease. In addition, Diana spearheaded a piece of anti–land mine legislature, The Ottawa Treaty, in 1997. It looks as if Prince Harry picked up where his mother left off.

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2. He’s so sincere

Prince Harry (L) and fiancee Meghan Markle leave after their visit to Star Hub

People think Prince Harry’s great manners are genuine. | Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Royals are taught from birth to have impeccable manners and be well spoken. But Prince Harry has something that can’t be learned — sincerity. According to Vogue, a 2015 poll revealed that Harry was England’s most popular royal — those polled cited reasons including that he’s a genuine guy and that they really just like him.

You might recall his mother was known as the “People’s Princess” — her brother, Charles Spencer, told People that she had a “genius for people and she could connect with anyone.” Once again, it looks like Prince Harry is following in her footsteps.

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4. He’s not a fan of the press

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement on Monday 27th November 2017 and will marry at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle in May 2018. Prince George will be a part of the ceremony.

Prince Harry defended his soon-to-be wife, Meghan Markle, from invasive media attention. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The press hounded Princess Diana more than any royals — she was beautiful, young, and scandalous. In fact, according to Vogue, many still blame her death on the paparazzi. Prince Harry does not allow himself — or anyone he loves — be abused by the press.

Prince Harry released a statement to official British Royal Family website about his relationship with Megan Markle, ““[She] has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment. Some of this has been very public—the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.” Like mother like son.

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5. He is scrupulously honest

Prince Harry sits next to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Harry opened up to the public about his grief over Diana’s death. | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Like his mother, Prince Harry feels honestly is the best policy. When Diana gave an interview to the BBC and talked about her personal life — including struggles with bulimia and depression and her unhappy marriage — the royals were shocked.

Harry followed her lead when he gave an interview to Newsweek and talked about the societal pressures he faces and the hard time he had with his mother’s death. Both Harry and Diana felt that sharing their problems might help others facing the same ones, according to Vogue.

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6. He can be playful

Prince Harry loves to have fun. | Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

According to People, Prince Harry is known as the “Party Prince” because of his fun-loving nature and mischievous behavior — traits he definitely inherited from Princess Diana. He said in the documentaryDiana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” that Diana was “a total kid, through and through.” Harry said she would put candy in his and William’s socks and sneak them into movies. He added that her motto was, “Be naughty, but don’t get caught.”

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7. He loves children

Prince Harry poses with a child as he visits the Sir Tom Finney Soccer Development Centre and the Lancashire Bombers Wheelchair Basketball Club at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) sports arena on October 23, 2017 in Preston, England. (Photo by Danny Lawson - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Prince Harry has always been great with kids. | Danny Lawson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Like his mother, Prince Harry loves kids. He might not have any of his own yet, but he’s quite comfortable and sweet with tiny tots. Chances are he and Megan Markle will have their own before long.

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8. He digs celebrities

Prince Harry and Ellie Goulding | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Diana both loved to have fun with celebrities. In 2012, he fooled Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, into losing a race because he made him look the other way when the race started. Princess Diana used to have a lot of fun with celebrities. You might remember her doing a little dance reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever when she was at the White House with John Travolta.

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