These Are the Best — and Worst — Things to Buy in Target’s Home Goods Section

Target’s new home good lines, like Project 62 and Hearth & Hand by Chip and Joanna Gaines, have left Target fanatics with hundreds of new products to sift through. The retailer is known both for its affordable prices and desirable partnerships with designers like Lilly Pulitzer. However, there are some products that even Target’s greatest supporters would be smart to steer clear of.

We’ve rounded up the worst things you could buy in Target’s home goods section, and we even offer significantly better options, ahead. That way, you can hit the bullseye with each Target home purchase you make.

1. Skip the rugs and go for the towels

Target luxury bath towel

Scope out the luxury towel section. | Target

Every homeowner wants a cozy place to put their feet. We just wouldn’t suggest getting that rug at Target. Rugs need to withstand all the foot traffic in your home, and while Target’s offerings come at a good price, they’re not necessarily built to last.

Erin Gates, a Boston interior designer, supported this claim and told Today what she’d purchase instead. “I love the Fieldcrest Luxury bath towels and sheeting. It’s a really good product for your buck — durability-wise — and the styling is classic and timeless.” The plush terry towels are 100% cotton and are about $10 each.

2. Pass on the wallpaper and stick with wall decor

Target wall decal

Want a temporary new look? | Target

Despite its affordable price tag of $30, customers left several negative reviews for the Mirage Devine Color Weave Peel & Stick wallpaper. User hayesld said, “This is impossible to apply, much more of a pain than regular wallpaper, and it is not removable. You can remove it but it takes off what is underneath it. It wrinkles and bubbles something terrible [and] doesn’t line up on corners/edges.”

Target offers plenty of low price, high quality options for wall decor, like this RoomMates Peel & Stick Wall Decal. The decals aren’t permanent, but they can liven up any room. And the selection of over 400 patterns ensures there’s one that will match in your home.

3. Put the upholstered furniture back and opt for the wood

Target dining chairs

The cushioning is of lesser quality than other brands. | Target

Gates recommended staying away from any upholstered furniture, saying, “The fill and cushioning won’t be high quality and may sag in a short time.” A customer review on a Threshold chair confirmed this, writing, “Cute as decor, but if someone sits on it the wrong way the cheap particle board that the legs are screwed into snap[s] … not worth it. Spend the money and get a chair of better quality.”

Try the Saracina Home dining chairs instead. They’re made from wood with a dark oak finish. Positive reviews included, “good quality chairs with a sturdy frame,” and, “incredible buy for price and quality.” 

4. Lay under a quilt instead of a duvet

Target velvet quilt

It’s soft and stylish. | Target

While a duvet comforter is usually easier to wash, these Target options may not hold up during cleaning. For example, this Threshold duvet cover received poor reviews. Customers found that the cover, which claims it’s “washable” on the tag, ripped after one to two washes and wouldn’t fit back over the duvet.

The new Velvet Grid Stitch Quilt from Project 62 trumped the duvet by a landslide. Amanda, a verified purchaser, called it “the perfect quilt,” saying, “I love the way it feels. It isn’t too soft and has a perfect weight. Totally worth the money. I have washed and dried it once already, and it has held up just fine.”

5. Go for the Crockpot

Target crockpot

Save money and make delicious meals at home. | Target

Target boasts, “Expect More, Pay Less” as their slogan. But for certain kitchen items, it seems you’ll be paying more, too. For example, Target charges $83.99 for the same Farberware 14-piece cookware set that Walmart sells for only $74.55. Walmart may lose customers for its Crockpots, however. The superstore sells a 5-quart manual Crockpot for $37.79, whereas Target sells a 6-quart manual model for only $29.99.

6. Set up overhead lighting rather than floor lamps

Target pendant light

The price is great, the fixture will add a stylish touch. | Target

Target’s reasonably priced overhead lighting fixtures, like this Crosby Collection Large Pendant Light, received great reviews online. Some of Target’s floor lamps, on the other hand, received less-than-stellar feedback. “The lamp looks great but is poorly manufactured,” wrote elfudge42 about a Torchiere Threshold lamp. “I expect the switch to break soon, so I’m already planning on how to replace it with something better.”

7. Opt for bowls over plates

Target copper punch bowl

Party in style. | Target

If you’re looking for machine-safe, sturdy plates, look elsewhere. A Threshold plate set that claimed it was stoneware sent customers to their keyboards with dissatisfaction. “Every single one of my dishes in the set cracked. One split in half while I was eating off of it,” said kat37, “[It] says they are dishwasher safe, but I think that is a lie. Also, probably not real stoneware. You can put [stoneware] in the oven, but not these!”

Conversely, bowls of all shapes, sizes, and purposes are customer favorites at Target. These cereal bowls from Threshold are affordable and stylish. Reviewers loved the style and found the only issue was their availability in store, so order online for quick delivery!

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