These Are the Craziest Theme Cruises You Probably Never Heard About

Cruise vacations — what could be better than lying around a pool on a luxury liner and eating whatever you want whenever you want? Not much. But maybe, just maybe, that could get a bit tedious after a few days and you might want a change of scenery. Then what do you do?

Because cruising is a zillion-dollar industry, it’s easy to find a niche vacation to suit your tastes. There are all types of specialty trips available, from Christmas cruises to party cruises to spa and wellness cruises. There are also some very odd cruises you can take if you’re the adventurous type. Keep reading to learn about the strangest theme cruises you can think of, and make sure you take one if it matches your interests.

1. Zumba Cruise

Zumba dance class

If a workout is your idea of a vacation. | LuckyBusiness/iStock/Getty Images

Wait — isn’t the point of a cruise to relax and do as little as possible? Not on Royal Caribbean’s Zumba cruise. Zumba classes incorporate dance elements of hip-hop, mambo, merengue, soca, samba, and salsa — and the cruise caters to those who love to exercise this way.

The cruise line has teamed with the global fitness company Zumba to hold the 2018 Zumba cruise, which will be its third. Stops will include Costa Maya, Mexico, and the Cayman Islands, and 50 top Zumba teachers from around the world will be onboard to lead the daily classes. If this cruise is anything like Royal Caribbean’s first two, it will sell out — quickly, according to USA Today.

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2. Conspira-Sea Cruises

Alien UFO saucer flying on a clouds background above Earth

There is no place for casual believers either. | 3000ad/iStock/Getty Images

Talk about strange: A conspiracy cruise brings together conspiracy theorists. As in, those who agree on radical theories regarding  crop circles, chemtrails, intergalactic warfare, global warming, vaccinations, alien politicians, and more. Certainly not your typical cruise-chatter subjects.

These cruises typically offer guests the opportunity to attend roundtables hosted by famous conspiracy theorists and uncover “the truth” about a host of controversial subjects. Princess Cruise Line’s Ruby Princess, moored in San Pedro, Calif., hosted one of these cruises in 2016, and 100 people signed up, according to Popular Mechanics.

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3. ‘The Walking Dead’ Cruise

You’ll get to dress up like a zombie too. | AMC

In January 2018 Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Pearl will set sail on a four-day journey from New Orleans to Cozumel, Mexico. And the Walker Stalker Cruise has very few rooms left to book, according to the website.

If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead,” this cruise is for you. You can spend your vacation hobnobbing with stars from the show, including the creator, Robert Kirkman. You’ll also get to attend events such as Theme Night, Zombie Gras, Fright Night, and Night of the Living. Best of all, you’ll get the chance to break out your best zombie gear and makeup when you dress to impress on this cruise. Be afraid.

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4. Meow Meow Cruise

White Persian Cat

Cat lovers only. | Airubon/iStock/Getty Images

Yes, there is a dedicated cruise for those who love felines. In November 2018 Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Liberty will deport from Port Canaveral, Fla., on a four-day trip to the Bahamas. Activities for cat lovers will abound, including a Meow Meow Meet & Greet, Meow Meow Scavenger Hunts, Meow Meow Group Dining, Meow Meow Mixer, and Meow Meow Trivia.

In addition, all passengers will receive a Meow Meow Cruise Kit, according to the website. Ironically, no cats allowed.

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5. Star Trek The Cruise

Even for non-Trekkies, it’s pretty cool to hang with George Takei. | Paramount Television

When Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Jade  “boldly goes where no one has gone before,” it will host a six-day cruise for Trekkies, according to the website. George Takei will serve as the cruise host, and around 20 other Star Trek personalities will be aboard.

Passengers will experience celebrity interactive events, get plenty of autograph and photo ops, and take a Klingon pub crawl hosted by Robert O’Reilly, aka Chancellor Gowron himself. Theme nights will include a Captain Sulu Soiree, Q’s costume party, Risa’s Festival of the Moon party, and much more.

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6. National Review Cruise

Big Ben

If discussing British politics is your idea of a vacation, this might be for you. | Niklas Halle’n/AFP/Getty Images

The National Review 2017 Trans-Atlantic Crossing sailed from Southampton, England, to New York. The British Cunard Line’s Queen Mary II had more than 350 conservatives aboard when it set out, along with a host of well-known conservative speakers, according to the website.

If spending a week discussing the economy, the European Union, and the economy appeals to you, this might be the perfect way to spend your vacation. Events included daily seminars with editors from NPR and other guests, three cocktail receptions, and “break out” policy and “night owl” sessions.

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7. Knitting Cruise

knitting needles

You can shop for souvenir yarn. | grafvision/iStock/Getty Images

Spending a cruise knitting seems a bit counterintuitive, but to each his own. On May 20, 2018, Holland America Line’ ms Zuiderdam will host a 14-day knitting cruise that will take passengers through the Icelandic Fjords and Scottish Highlands.

JC Briar, a well-known knitting teacher from Eugene, Ore., will be heading the knitting courses. Passengers will have a chance to shop for yarn in Copenhagen, visit the Isle of Skye’s Shilasdair dye-house and yarn shop, buy souvenir yarn at Ginger Twist Studio and Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh, meet local Dublin knitters, shop for Hedgehog Fibres in Cork, and much more.

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