These Are the Craziest Things People Have Done at Fast Food Restaurants, Including Pooping on the Floor

If you’ve ever worked at a fast food restaurant you’ve seen some … things. There is no shortage of crazy customers, and that crazy seems to really shine at fast food places. Keep reading to find out the worst customer horror stories — right from the mouths of fast food workers who shared their experiences with Cosmopolitan. Make sure you click to page 7 to read about the recent incident that happened at a Tim Horton’s, which you would have had to see to believe.

1. Repast Redo

Burger King

Burger King | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One Burger King worker had to deal with this on a shift:

“I was in the kitchen alone at Burger King. A man comes in and orders 12 Whoppers, 14 Junior Whoppers, 20 double cheeseburgers, 15 large fries, and a Diet Coke. We were actually out of meat, so I had to start cooking new burgers. My manager told him there would be a wait and then he orders four Angus steak burgers. After about 45 minutes, all of the food is done. We give him the food and he leaves, but then he comes back inside and complains because the food wasn’t hot enough. I had to remake the entire order — every single thing. He had to wait another 30 to 40 minutes, and then I guess this order was good enough for him. I at least got a free meal and the next day, I walked into work with a standing ovation because I did it all by myself.”

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2. Something for everyone


Woman Adding Artificial Sweetener To Coffee | Highwaystarz-Photography/istock/Getty Images

Another fast food employee reported at strange customer request: “A woman came in and asked for a 12-ounce coffee and asked for it to have 18 creams and 18 packets of Splendas. The majority of this coffee was Splenda and cream. Apparently this was her ‘thing,’ though I don’t know how she decided on that exact number.”

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3. A lost bet causes employees more work

Chicken nuggets | Kornnphoto/iStock/Getty Images

This order kept fast food workers busy: “Two guys came through the drive-through at 3 a.m. and ordered 200 chicken nuggets. One of them had lost a bet about football or baseball and had to eat all 200 nuggets in an hour. We were just switching over to breakfast, and we had thrown out all of our nuggets, so we had to remake an entire order for them.”

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4. This customer had some nerve

Taco Bell's National Taco Day deal

Taco Bell’s National Taco Day deal. | Taco Bell

Fast food workers had to deal with this terrible behavior at Taco Bell: “A man came into the Taco Bell I worked at and said the tacos he had gotten weren’t right. He dumped the food on the counter and then he started throwing them back behind the counter. We gave him a refund and then his demeanor completely changed. He was calmer and he told us to have a great day as he left us to clean up the mess he made.”

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5. People are strange

Empty Public Bathroom Stalls

Public bathroom | Joe_Potato/iStock/Getty Images

Why is the world someone would do this is beyond us, but the cleanup fell to the restaurant.

“I was cleaning the men’s bathroom and found that someone brought a taco into the bathroom and scraped off most of the taco ingredients into the toilet, even though there are trashcans everywhere. I definitely thought it was something else when I first saw it. Some of it was smeared onto the seat, like someone had actively smeared it around. My manager had to scoop it out with a plastic bag because he was worried it would damage the plumbing if we flushed it.”

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6. Drunk patrons are the worst

storefront at a Subway restaurant

Subway restaurant | iStock/Getty Images

Dealing with drunk patrons might be worst experience a fast food worker can have. Listen to this employee’s story:

“It was around Halloween and a group of drunk people had just come from the haunted house across the street into the Subway I worked at, right at closing time. They all got their subs, but then I see one of the guys stand up clutching his stomach, and I’m like, Oh no. He throws up everywhere. On the walls, the counter, the floor — it was like a scene from The Exorcist. Then he looked down and saw that he had also peed himself. His friends thought it was hilarious but it was also a pretty effective way to get everyone out of the restaurant. My coworker and I were stuck cleaning up until 1:30 a.m.”

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7. Horton hears a poo

Tim Horton coffee shop

Tim Horton coffee shop | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

In May 2018 a woman walked into a Tim Hortons in British Columbia, argued with the worker behind the counter, grabbed a bunch of napkins, and — there’s no way to sugarcoat this — pooped on the floor. She then got up and slung said poop at the worker behind the counter and proceeded to use the napkins to clean herself and then throw them on the counter as well. Police caught up with her in the parking lot and were unsure what to charge her with — all we can say is we hope she was mentally ill.

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9. This customer was at the wrong place

Taco Bell restaurant

Taco Bell | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

This rather amusing tale came from an employee at a Taco Bell: “We had someone come into Taco Bell and ask for vegan everything. I tried to tell her that everything is made in the same place, so there’s a chance it could be contaminated, but she still wanted to order. She asked for a vegan crunch wrap and vegan tacos, which is no meat, no cheese, no sour cream. It’s just lettuce, tomatoes, beans, and potatoes. She saw people ordering vegan Taco Bell on YouTube so she wanted to try it.”

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10. Alert — diaper in the playground

dirty diaper on dark wooden background, selective focus

Dirty diaper | Fascinadora/iStock/Getty Images

One fast food restaurant employee saw something that was so out of bounds there are no words. “A toddler took off her dirty diaper in our restaurant’s playground area and her mom didn’t do anything to stop her. We had to close the play area to clean all of it but parents still let their kids go in to play in there.”

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11. A customer throws her coffee

container holding packets of artificial sweetener

Container holding packets of artificial sweetener | BigRedCurlyGuy/iStock/Getty Images

Another unfortunate fast food worker had to deal with this situation: “A woman came in upset because her coffee was made with Sweet ’N Low but she asked for it to be made with Splenda. I was in the front of the restaurant, so she threw the full coffee cup at me and had me remake her coffee with Splenda, even though I was now covered with coffee. Luckily the coffee had cooled down a bit before she threw it at me so it didn’t burn me. I was fine, but irritated.”

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12. A fight broke out between customers

fast food workers at McDonald's

Fast food counter | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Just another day in a fast food restaurant? You decide:

“Two grown men started a fistfight over whose food was whose. We put out an order and one man took it, but apparently it belonged to the other guy. He punched him, and the food ended up on the ground, and they started fighting. We had to call the police to break it up. When they were brought out of the restaurant, they were still talking trash to each other and I believe the one who threw the first punch was arrested. Neither of them even got their food in the end.”

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13. What a great date this must have been

Store parking lot at Night

Store parking lot at night | Inner_Vision/iStock/Getty Images

This fast food worker ended up in a rather embarrassing situation. Interesting that it happened at another Tim Hortons.

“I was working an overnight shift at a Tim Hortons and I go outside around 3:30 a.m. to have a cigarette. I saw a car that looked empty parked underneath the parking lot light. I go up to the car to check that everything’s OK, and I see a couple having sex in the backseat, and we make eye contact. I go back inside to tell my coworker and not long after we hear two people come in — it was the man and woman who were hooking up in the car.”

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14. Apple pie blues

McDonald's apple pie

McDonald’s apple pie | Scott Olson/Getty Images

When a fast food employee was out of apple pie, a customer freaked out:

“A guy came through the drive-through and ordered an apple pie. We were out and the person who took his order didn’t tell him, so I had to tell him when he got to my window. I told him it would take seven minutes to cook new ones or he could take chocolate chip cookies instead. He gets so mad and starts yelling at me, ‘What the fuck am I supposed to do with chocolate chip cookies? I have a pregnant wife at home and she’s got cravings, what am I supposed to tell her?’ He must have seen how shocked I looked because suddenly he’s like, ‘I’m just kidding, man, I’ll wait.'”

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15. Irate customer goes nuts because there’s no coleslaw

A bowl of delicious creamy homemade coleslaw

Creamy Coleslaw | Fudio/iStock/Getty Images

One fast food worker had to give away free food to get rid of an nasty, insane customer:

“I was working at KFC and we had a coleslaw shortage for an entire week. We had a lot of annoyed customers but one man was really upset about it. We had a sign on the door that said we were out of coleslaw, and he comes in saying that he hopes we’re joking and that we can’t actually be out of coleslaw. He started throwing napkins, cups, and even our chairs around the restaurant, and my manager told me to calm him down. I offered him two mac and cheese sides and extra chicken in his 20-piece bucket, which he accepted as a replacement, and we were able to get him out of the restaurant.”

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16. A woman doesn’t like her coffee, so she dumps it — everywhere

Tim Horton's New Espresso Beverages

Tim Horton’s coffee | stacey_newman/iStock/Getty Images

Another fast food employee had to clean up after an irate customer who didn’t like what she ordered:

“A customer came up to order at Tim Hortons and asked what we had that was similar to Starbucks. I suggested our iced cappuccino, which she ordered. A little later, I was cleaning tables near her, and she says that our drinks aren’t good and she isn’t drinking what she ordered, and proceeds to dump out her entire drink on the table before leaving with her friends. I was fuming but I had to clean it up.”

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17. All Hell breaks loose at a McDonald’s

McDonald's yellow and red drive-thru logo

McDonald’s | TonyBaggett/iStock/Getty Images

Cleaning up after a full-on fight in a McDonald’s was no picnic for this fast food worker:

“I worked in a McDonald’s that was between two rival high schools. One night after a basketball game between the two schools, a bunch of kids from the schools come to my McDonald’s. We took about 100 orders in 10 minutes, and once pretty much everyone had gotten their food, a fight broke out between two kids after someone threw a 32-ounce fruit punch, which also stained the ceiling for an entire year. The cook tried breaking it up before the cops showed up and escorted all these kids out of the restaurant.”

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