These Are the Cruises You Should Splurge on With Your Tax Return

Once again, you have been bitten by the vacation bug, and you can’t seem to shake it. Whether it’s your tax return that’s burning a hole in your pocket or the mere itch to explore new territory, a splurge is in order. You know you want to explore more than one place without having to pack and unpack your suitcase over and over, and you want someone to take the reigns of planning. You want to take a cruise.

Choosing the right cruise for you and your family is an overwhelming undertaking, until now. The guesswork officially is gone, so look no further. These are the cruises you should splurge on with your vacation fund.

1. Alaskan Seabourn Sojourn

Alaska cruise seabourn

Explore the stunning landscapes by sea. | Seabourn via Facebook

  • 12-Day Ultimate Alaska and Inside Passage: $4,999

Luxuriously exploring the Last Frontier has never been better than Seabourn Sojourn’s Alaskan cruise. Vancouver, British Columbia is your departure and return port, where you’ll spend the first day cruising the Queen Charlotte Sound. As the cruise unfolds, you’ll set your eyes on glaciers, fjords, and magnificent sea life. Choosing how you’ll explore on land can be done from your ocean view suite.

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2. Crystal Symphony’s Caribbean cruise

Crystal Cruises caribbean

Soak up the sun in luxury. | Crystal Cruises via Facebook

  • 14-Day Creole and Caribbean Celebration: $5,395

When sunshine, warm weather, and turquoise waters are on your wishlist, then Crystal Symphony’s Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans, Louisiana is the obvious choice. You’ll depart and return from the Big Easy’s Mississippi River mouth, making pit stops in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, and Key West, all of which offer sandy beaches to suit all of your relaxation needs.

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3. Seabourn Odyssey Mediterranean cruise

Seabourn mediterranean

The stunning views are just the icing on the cake. | Seabourn via Facebook

  • 7-Day Romantic Rivieras: $3,499

Take to the Old World in pure luxury as you explore Spain, France, and Italy on Sebourn’s Odyssey Mediterranean cruise. Suites laden with Egyptian cotton sheets, robes, and slippers will have you living your best life as you take in the Mediterranean’s clear, blue waters. Plus, a departure out of Rome and return to Barcelona is just the icing on the gourmet cake.

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4. Northern European Seabourn Quest

Seabourn norway

Traverse the fjords in style. | Seabourn via Facebook

  • 15-Day Norway and Northern Isles: $5,499

Celebrating the summer solstice in Scandinavia is nothing short of spectacular. The 15-day sojourn leaves port from Copenhagen, Denmark, venturing into Norway’s crannies of granite cliffs and fjords, before turning south towards the Faroe and Shetland Islands, Scotland, and returning to London, England. Needless to say, this is a quest of a lifetime.

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5. Affordably explore Mexico with Ruby Princess

Princess cruises mexico

It’s a steal for what you get. | Princess Cruises via Facebook

  • 7-day Mexican Riviera: $909

When affordability is a key component of your cruise goals, then a Mexican Riviera cruise with Ruby Princess may be the ticket. The price is right and the balcony suite will have you blissfully enjoying your morning cup of joe. Setting sail out of Los Angeles, you’ll enjoy the open ocean, then stop in Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta before returning back to LA.

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6. Experience Australia and New Zealand with Princess

Princess cruises sydney

Enjoy life down under. | Princess Cruises via Facebook

  • 14-day New Zealand Cruise: $2,089

Exploring Australia and New Zealand is the ultimate adventure, and there’s no better way to splurge than seeing the South Pacific via a cruise liner. Leaving Melbourne for New Zealand means two days on the open ocean through Fjordland National Park, and onward to six other port towns. You’ll get three more days to bask in the sun as you venture back to Melbourne.

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7. Join Oceana Cruises for a French Polynesian journey

Oceania Cruises Tahiti

Your own slice of heaven. | Ron Richards/Oceania Cruises via Facebook

  • 12-day Tahitian Cruise: $3,149

You’ve romanticized a French Polynesian getaway ever since you laid eyes on a photo of the crystal clear waters. And cruising is the ultimate way to enjoy all that the islands have to offer. Departing Tahiti to visit seven different islands, including Bora Bora and Nuku Hiva will have you wishing you could forever live on the ship. You’ll be snorkeling, exploring the ancient history of the islands, and enjoying all things Polynesia. Not to mention all the fun to be had onboard.

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8. Seabourn Yachtman’s Caribbean

Seabourn carribean cruise

Enjoy all that the Caribbean has to offer. | Seabourn via Facebook

  • 7-day Yachtman’s Cruise: $2,499

Although Seabourn offers a plethora of Caribbean cruise options, the 7-day Yachtman’s cruise sets out of Barbados, where you island hop to Martinique, Antigua, Guadaloupe, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and even Saint Lucia. This region of the Caribbean offers a variety of scenic and adventure opportunities. Plus, enjoying Barbados on the front and back end of the cruise makes the vacation all the better.

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9. Far Eastern Horizons with Viking Cruises

Viking cruises asia

Explore four countries in 15 days. | Viking Cruises via Facebook

  • 15-day Far Eastern Horizons: $5,699

Four countries in 15 days? Yes, please. A truly special way to set your eyes on Asia is springing for the 15-day Far Eastern Horizons cruise with Viking. You’ll depart from Hong Kong, cruise through the East China Sea as you visit Taipei, Kagoshima, South Korea, and areas of Japan before parking in Tokyo. Plus, nine different guided tours guarantee there’s no chance of getting bored while aboard.

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10. Circumnavigate Iceland ProCruises

Iceland pro cruises

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. | Iceland ProCruises via Facebook

  • 10-day Iceland Circumnavigation: $3,595

If boarding a ship named the Ocean Diamond doesn’t command a certain kind of ‘I’ve made it’ attitude, then what will? Embark on a memorable 10-day journey as you circumnavigate Iceland’s mysterious and magical waters. Nine different port stops will allow you to set your feet on the island, where you will have the opportunity to soak up the history of the Vikings, the culture of the country, and enjoy its natural wonders.

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11. South American Silver Sea cruise

Silver Sea Chile

The cruise starts in Chile and visits several incredible spots. | Silver Sea

  • 10- day South American expedition: $5,499

Departing Valparaiso, Chile, you’ll quickly figure out this cruise is special for many different reasons. Your options to explore are knocking on your door on the second morning, as you can opt to visit the Limari Valley or La Serena upon docking in Coquimbo, Chile. Chances are high for laying eyes on Peruvian Boobies, sea lions, and otters, to name a few. Peru comes next, and the adventure opportunities are practically endless, making for a true, unforgettable journey.

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12. Ruby Princess’ Hawaiian Islands cruise

Princess Cruises hawaii

It’s a good deal for all that’s included. | Princess Cruises via Facebook

  • 15-day Hawaiian Islands cruise: $1,499

Whether you choose to leave from San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Vancouver, you’ll be spending the first few days sailing through the vast Pacific Ocean, docking first on Hilo. From there, Ruby Princess will take you to Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui, before embarking on another five days of sailing back to Mexico and Los Angeles. You would be hardpressed to visit the Hawaiian Islands on a 15-day adventure for less than the price tag of this trip.

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13. South African holiday cruise with Crystal

Crystal Cruises deck

An incredible experience sailing the African coast. | Crystal Cruises via Facebook

  • 16-day South African holiday cruise: $5,095

What better way to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year than a 16-day South African cruise on the Crystal Symphony? After starting the trip with two days of Capetown port time, the ship will spend two days sailing the African coast before stopping in Mozambique. You’ll also visit Richard’s Bay, Durban, and East London before spending New Year’s Eve in Port Elizabeth. The trip is rounded out with a few days spent in Namibia.

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14. Keep the kids entertained with Disney

Disney Cruise Magic

You get a lot of bang for your buck. | mizoula/iStock/Getty Images

  • 3-night Bahamian cruise: $1,337

Let’s face it, the kiddos need a little more entertaining than adults (most of the time), and that’s when you call in Disney. Whether you’re needing a quick 3-night getaway or something longer, Disney offers a ton of bang for your buck, plus the tykes will be happy.

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15. Stay affordable with Carnival

Cruise Line Carnival, cruise ship Victory Sails from Port George Town

You can find some great savings on Carnival. | NAN104/iStock/Getty Images

  • 3-night Baja cruise: $194

Although many cruise vacations can still get spendy, affordable options do exist. Last minute bookings can lend itself to cheaper fares, as cruise liners are just wanting to fill up the boat. For instance, a 3-night Baja, Mexico, cruise comes in at just $194 for a stateroom and only $379 for a suite. No matter what your pocketbook is feeling, taking a cruise is a surefire way to unwind.

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