These Are the Foods That Might Die With Baby Boomers

Millennials get accused of ruining everything. Chain restaurants, shopping malls, Harley-Davidson, common decency… the list goes on and on.

Still, tastes change, and certain items are destined to become extinct in the modern era with or without the aid of millennials and their strange ways. One of the places this phenomenon is most apparent? The food industry. Blame it on Instagram, or millennials, or celebrity chefs, but no matter who’s responsible, the facts are undeniable. Reliable steak and potatoes have been replaced by avocado toast and kombucha.

Ahead, check out some foods that run the risk of dying with the boomer generation.

1. Canned foods

canned good

Younger shoppers are looking for fresh foods. | Warren_Price/iStock/Getty Images

Millennial shoppers have an obsession with fresh fruits and vegetables and the canned good industry is feeling the pain.

As health-conscious shoppers are being encouraged to stay out of the center aisles and focus on fresh items at the grocery store rather than anything pre-packaged, canned soups and vegetables just aren’t as popular anymore.

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