These Are the Most Hated Airlines in the United States

Anybody who’s ever flown can think of a long list of reasons to hate airlines: They charge ridiculous fees. Most have restrictive baggage policies. Many offer poor customer service. And all of them subject passengers to annoying delays, byzantine boarding processes, and other inconveniences.

Every traveler has a story about an airline that they’d never fly again. But unfortunately, many people have had the same experiences, so some carriers have emerged as the most hated airlines in the United States.

Read on to discover which airlines Americans hate the most.

10. Southwest

southwest airplane

Passengers hate flying on Southwest. | Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

Southwest didn’t earn truly terrible scores on The Points Guy’s ranking of airlines in the United States. But it didn’t do particularly well either. Customers like the airline’s low baggage fees. They also appreciate that the carrier charges reasonable change fees if they need to switch flights or go with a different plan. But that’s about where the positives end. The Points Guy notes Southwest has “higher airfares than most people realize and no premium class seats, which hurt its cabin comfort score.”

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