These Are the Most Hideous Decorating Trends That Only Belong At Your Grandmother’s House

Remember that feeling you got as soon as you stepped inside your grandmother’s house? You can still remember exactly what it smelled like to this day, along with which room had what color paint — or wallpaper. Basically, you can pinpoint every hideous decorating trend imaginable. And we’re right there with you.

Aside from bringing back all the feelings, envisioning what your grandmother’s house looked like can also serve as a word of warning. For example, there’s a laundry list of decor that should be avoided at all cost. More specifically, here are seven things that need to stay right where they belong — at your grandmother’s house.

1. Toilet rugs

Your toilet doesn’t need to match the seasons. | Amazon

There’s basically one word that can sum up this trend: gross. You know what we’re talking about, those nasty toilet topper rugs that sit on the seat cover. Never mind all the germs that people carry on their hands before and after they use the facilities; just think about all those bacteria lingering around on the same piece of ugly fabric. Yikes.

2. Embroidery hoop art

hoop art
These may look pretty, but they’re pretty useless. | Flickr/Hey Paul Studios

It seems as though embroidery-hoop-art-clad walls were always par for the course at Grandma’s house. But why? Aside from preaching inspirational quotes or providing meaningless pictures of cats, this type of decor never served much of a purpose. So, ditch the embroidery hoop art and make room for pieces that make a little more sense in your space.

3. Tiered curtains

Heavy drapery with valance
Can you imagine how much dust is trapped in there? | Yuyanga/iStock/Getty Images

We’re all about privacy, but tiered curtains? Really? Sometimes referred to as cafe curtains, these window treatments are a serious blast from the past. While you may still see them hanging around, they’re not nearly as common as they used to be. However, the fact that they do serve a purpose in providing a little privacy probably makes them the best of the worst on this list.

4. Plastic couch covers and runners on the floor

When you sat down on Grandma’s couch, you knew not to move a muscle. If you did, you’d be running the risk of sliding right off or catching your skin against the plastic, which always seemed to result in the most unpleasant sounds. And all that plastic madness didn’t end at the sofa alone. Another plastic-centric product that was just as bad? Runners on the floor. While they were also used in hopes of keeping things clean, their unappealing look just wasn’t worth it.

5. Pink tile in the bathroom

Who thought this was a good idea? |

It seems as though pretty much every human can relate to this one. Why was pink such a hot color back in the day? And in the bathroom? Weird as it was, a pink tiled powder room makes us think of one thing, and one thing only: Grandma’s house.

6. Floral wallpaper

Amazon border wall paper
Floral is the worst, but these seashells aren’t much better. | Amazon

There are lots of stunning paint colors to choose from. But apparently for Grandma, none of them topped a good old showing of some floral wallpaper. From twisting vines to rose-colored bouquets, basic paint was no match for her favorite floral wallpaper patterns.

7. Crocheted bedspreads

Wouldn’t a comforter be cozier? | Flickr/Perempuan

Even when they’ve been made with love, topping your bed with a crocheted spread comes off as a bit dated. Just think about how snuggled up you like to be when you get into bed each night. Doesn’t a pristine, white, fluffy down comforter sound far more appealing than a scratchy old crocheted bedspread? Yes, yes it does.

So, can you relate to any of these hideous decorating trends? We sure do.