These Are the Most Peculiar Things Donald Trump Does When He Eats at a Restaurant

Donald Trump at lunch

Donald Trump has some peculiar eating habits. | Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit President Donald Trump is one interesting guy. And people love an inside look at someone interesting, right? You’ve probably heard about his strange diet, but there’s even more to discover in the Trump food arena.

Keep reading to find out about Trump’s peculiar habits when he eats in restaurants. Some are kind of gross, some are just odd, and some are bound to offend all you foodies out there.

1. He won’t ever order alcohol with his meal

Trump is a teetotaler and always has been. In 2015, he told The Washington Times he has never tasted alcohol and encourages his children to stay away from booze, cigarettes, and drugs. When he ate at 21 Club, according to Eat This, Not That, he paired his $36 hamburger with a virgin bloody mary.

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2. He loves to eat fast food

McDonald's restaurant sign

He trusts fast food. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When Trump eats at a restaurant, it will likely be a fast food one. According to Eat This, Not That, when he was a guest on The Tonight Show, he told Jimmy Fallon he likes fast-food chains because they’re anonymous — and he trusts the brands backing Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

Trump told Fallon, “I don’t want [someone] to go into a restaurant and say, ‘Mr. Trump would like a hamburger to go.’ If they don’t like me …” He didn’t finish the sentence, but you see where Trump was going with that one.

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3. He likes his steak cremated

Ribeye steak on a grill

He likes steak very well-done — and with ketchup. | iStock/Getty Images

According to Eat This, Not That, Trump loves steak. What’s wrong with that? He loves his steak cooked very well-done. In fact, Trump’s butler Anthony Senecal told The New York Times that Trump likes his meat so overcooked that it “would rock on the plate.”

But wait, there’s more. Trump also likes to slather ketchup all over his well-done steak.

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4. He’s oddly formal

Donald Trump eating KFC

It’s an odd way to eat. | Donald Trump via Twitter

You might have seen the Trump tweet of himself on his jet, sitting in front of a big bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Oddly, Trump was eating the chicken with a fork, which you might not expect. When The Washington Post analyzed the photo, it ventured that the meal was KFC’s $20 Fill-Up, which includes eight pieces of chicken, four biscuits, two sides of mashed potatoes, and a large coleslaw.

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5. He even eats pizza with a fork


The move shocked New Yorkers. | Mario Laporta/AFP/Getty Images

When Trump joined Sarah Palin for some pizza back in 2011, they both ate with forks, according to Eat This, Not That. New Yorkers were shocked at this breach of tradition. Comedian Jon Stewart poked fun at Trump for eating the pizza with a fork, in addition to ribbing him for eating at an Albanian pizza chain in Times Square called Famous Famiglia instead of an authentic New York pizzeria.

About eating pizza with a fork, Trump said, “I don’t walk around with forks and knives and, frankly it was very comfortable. Plus this way you can take the top of the pizza off and you’re not just eating the crust. I like not to eat the crust so we keep the weight down at least as good as possible.”

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6. He makes no bones about not eating pizza bones

He avoids the crust. | iStock/Getty Images

At least there’s a reason Trump eats his pizza with a fork, according to Eat This, Not That. He told the Daily Mail it’s all in his plan to avoid the crusts, which he doesn’t eat in an effort to keep his weight down. Trump also uses the fork to scrape off the top of the pizza. This is something no one should have to witness, particularly a pizza maker.

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 7. Trump takes his fries very seriously

Homemade Parmesan Truffle French Fries

Would these pass muster with Donald Trump? |

Rumor has it that Trump is very picky about his french fries, according to Eat This, Not That. Apparently, writer Jen Deaderick — who took to Twitter to talk about it — had a roommate who was a pastry chef at a restaurant where Trump ate.

She told Deaderick that Trump sent back the fries three or four times because he didn’t like them. When the chef got someone to go to the store for some Ore-Ida frozen fries and served them to Trump, he said they were perfect.

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8. He has a hankering for cheese

Glass bowl filled with grated cheese next to a wedge of cheese on a table.

More cheese, please. |

Trump likes his cheese. According to Eat This, Not That, during his campaign he stopped to eat in New Hampshire at a restaurant called Red Arrow Diner. He chose a cheeseburger and fries — and an order of deep-fried macaroni and cheese. And he drank a Diet Coke to wash it all down.

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