These Are the Most Shocking U.S. Political Scandals of All Time

Political scandals have been around since the beginning of American history. Though we hope to elect morally upright people to lead us, politics and dishonesty can go hand-in-hand. From Watergate to recent election controversy, these are the 18 most shocking political scandals of all time. We’ll never forget the most infamous affair of all time (page 9).

1. The Pentagon Papers

Military analyst Daniel Ellsberg speaks to the media

Military analyst Daniel Ellsberg (R) speaks to the media. | Youtube

In 1971, military analyst and former marine, Daniel Ellsberg, started a political maelstrom when he leaked classified documents detailing the United States’ military and political involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. The New York Times received his top-secret information, which revealed that the U.S. had lied to Congress and American citizens throughout four presidential administrations.

Claiming executive authority, President Nixon tried to suspend the publication of the Pentagon Papers. But the Supreme Court ruled in favor of “press freedom,” allowing newspapers to publish the classified study.

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