These Are the Things That Guests Hate the Most When They Stay at Your Home

Being a good host requires manners, organization, and thoughtfulness. Hosting is about more than just providing your guests a place to sleep; it’s about anticipating and meeting their needs. That being said, there are some things that every guest hates when staying at your home.

1. Having to ask for the Wi-Fi password

Remember to tell your guests the Wi-Fi password. | Bojan89/Getty Images

In this day and age, if people are going to be staying somewhere for an extended period of time, they’re going to need access to Wi-Fi. Even if you have guests staying with you for one night, it’s polite to let them know the Wi-Fi password when you’re helping them get settled in. It’s awkward to ask for — they won’t want to seem rude, like they’d rather be on their phones than spending time with you, so you need to offer it up.  

2. Not enough outlets

Phone charger

Make sure your guests know where to charge their phones. | RusN/iStock/Getty Images

Similar to Wi-Fi, it’s important to keep your guests’ electronic needs in mind. If where your guests will be staying doesn’t have many outlet options, be proactive and buy a surge protector. If all the outlets are hidden behind furniture, buy a few small extension cords. 

3. Not being able to sleep when they’re used to

Young beautiful Caucasian woman on bed having headache

Try not to disrupt your guests’ sleep schedules. |

Especially if your guests are coming from a different time zone, it’s important to consider their sleeping habits. If your household is filled with early-to-bed-early-to-risers but your guests are more into sleeping in, don’t force them to match your sleeping schedule. It’ll only make them tired and sluggish throughout their stay with you.  

4. No fresh linens

Three white hand towels on a white basin with hot and cold faucets

Always put fresh linens out for your guests. | WichitS/Getty Images

Again, it’s awkward for guests to have to ask their host for basic amenities. Put fresh sheets on their bed (and let them know they’re fresh), and lay out clean towels in the bathroom, including hand towels. If you don’t lay out new towels, your guest has to use your personal towels to dry their hands after washing up, and nobody wants that. 

5. Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements

Unmade bed with blankets

Ensure that your guests have somewhere comfortable to sleep. | golubovy/iStock/Getty Images

You shouldn’t make your guests sleep on anything you haven’t tested out yourself. If your sofa bed or air mattress you use to go camping once a year isn’t comfortable to you, chances are, it won’t be comfortable for your guests, either. When you ask your guests how they slept, no one’s ever going to answer with anything but “Great!” Skip the awkwardness and just make sure to buy something your guests will love to sleep on. 

6. An overbooked visit

Woman Suffering From Depression Sitting On Bed And Crying

Don’t tire your guests out too much. |

We get it, you want to make sure your guests get the most out of their trip. And, being the host, it’s your job to make sure you hit every major activity. But, you don’t want to over schedule their time with you so much that they’re completely exhausted by day two. Give them options and let them be a part of the planning. If they seem tired, opt for an evening in instead of going out every night.   

7. No advice about the quirks of your home

Stressed young woman in bathroom

Don’t forget to tell your guests about that quirky faucet. |

You intimately know every little quirk in your home, but your guests don’t. “Maybe you need to jiggle the light switch or maybe the shower faucet is backwards, and they’ve become things you don’t really even think about anymore because you’re so used to it,” Apartment Therapy points out.

Be sure to let your guests know about all the quirky features that come along with your home.

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