These Are Things Your Uber Driver Is Silently Judging You For

The last thing you want to do to someone who’s chauffeuring you around (in this case your Uber driver) is pi** him off. You love Uber — it’s the reason you’ve been able to say goodbye to three-hour cab waits and disgruntled drivers, so make sure you give back by being decent to your driver.

Certain things passengers do really make Uber drivers mad — and with good reason. Keep reading to find out the most offensive things passengers can do, and see if you’re guilty of any.

1. You sit in the front seat

White man and black Asian girl using navigator system app on smart phone in car

It’s just going to be awkward. | beer5020/iStock/Getty Images

According to an Uber driver who wrote an article for Willamette Week, drivers don’t dig it when you get in the front seat. It makes them feel more anxious about making conversation — and you probably would rather your driver concentrate on the road than on making small talk with you. Unless there are four passengers, stick to the back seat and you’ll keep your driver happy. If you need to say something to him or her, just speak up from the back.

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2. You don’t tip

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You don’t have to, but they appreciate it. | twinsterphoto/iStock/Getty Images

Of course, it’s not a rule that you must tip your Uber driver. The thing is though, if you tip a cab driver, why wouldn’t you tip your Uber driver? The ride will cost you way less than if you took a cab, so think about anteing up the next time and giving him or her a couple of bucks. This particularly applies if your driver is dropping you off at your huge mansion.

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3. You hurl in the car

Car interior textile seats chemical cleaning with professionally extraction

Every Uber driver’s nightmare. | FotoDuets/iStock/Getty Images

Perhaps the worst thing you can do in an Uber car is vomit. First, it’s a disgusting mess for anyone to clean up and second you likely won’t be in any kind of shape to help clean up. Indeed, the ultimate Uber cliché is getting very drunk and hurling in the back seat. You can bet the driver will be out of commission the rest of the night. You can also count on a $200 cleaning charge on your bill, according to Willamette Week.

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4. You don’t reset your pin and send the driver to the wrong place

London won’t reinstate Uber’s license

Make sure you pickup point at the right spot. | Leon Neal/Getty Images

Face it: If your driver ends up at the wrong address its your fault, not the app’s. According to Willamette Week, sometimes your pickup location reverts to the last place you were. When that happens, you’re wasting time sending your driver to the wrong location — both your time and his. Make sure you set your pin to the correct location.

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5. You make your driver travel to the burbs

Woman driving a car on a rural road through the mountains

It wastes time and gas. | BrianAJackson/iStock/Getty Images

 According to Willamette Week, when an Uber driver has to go to any location where he’s not likely to get another fare, it’s wasting his time — and gas. They really don’t like when you take them out to remote suburbs for drop-offs, because they’ll likely be left alone to drive back to the city and get more fares. There’s not much you can do about this, but be aware of it in case your driver seems a bit irritated when he picks you up.

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6. You still don’t know where to go for an airport pickup

LaGuardia Airport

It gives instructions in the app. | robertcicchetti/iStock/Getty Images

Finding your Uber ride at the airport is not rocket science. Yet so many people can’t do it. And it makes Uber drivers mad, according to Willamette Week. All you have to do is request your ride and go to the first bay on the transport lane. There’s even signage now directing you to Uber and Lyft pickup areas. Read them. Your driver will be there waiting if you don’t — and he won’t be waiting patiently.

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7. You eat in the car

Teenage girl in gown eating kebab

That’s not the place to chow down. | Zero Creatives/iStock/Getty Images

You’d think people would know not to take their corned beef on rye into an Uber and hunker down. Nope. According to the website Urbo, this is a bone of contention with many drivers. If you eat in the car, there will be crumbs. Which means the next passenger will have to sit in them. Which means he or she might give a less-than-stellar rating for the ride. See what happens? Eat before you get in the car, please.

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8. You’re a backseat driver

Jesse Vega checks a vehicle at the first of Uber's 'Work On Demand' recruitment events to recruit 12,000 new Uber drivers

They don’t need a backseat driver. | Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

How do you feel when you’re behind the wheel and someone is backseat driving? Probably annoyed. Which is how Uber drivers feel, too, according to Willamette Week. Sure, your geography skills might surpass your driver’s — especially in your own neighborhood — but guess what? Uber drivers use apps to get places and they, um, work. Don’t backseat driver — leave the trip directions to your driver’s GPS.

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9. You ask to change the music

Monitor on the dashboard of the car in FM receiver

They would have to listen to other people’s music all day. | ra3rn/iStock/Getty Images

Uber drivers actually have a setting that enables a passenger to choose the music, according to Willamette Week. But many Uber drivers don’t use it, because they don’t want to subject themselves to someone else’s favorite tunes. Look at it this way — an Uber driver does nothing but drive around all day, which can be seriously stressful. Let him listen to the music he chose, don’t ask him to change it. Remember that a happy Uber driver means you’ll have a happy trip.

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10. You keep your driver waiting for a long time

The Uber app shown as cars drive by

Make sure you don’t leave them hanging. | Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

If you’ve ever kept your driver waiting for a long time, they probably pretty annoyed about it, according to the website Clark. Most drivers offer a five-minute grace period for customers to get in the car, but it’s important to remember that the drivers don’t start making money until you actually get in the vehicle and they start the trip. Do a driver a favor and be ready for your pickup. You can even track your driver’s progress on the Uber app, so really, there’s no excuse for you to keep him waiting.

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11. You ask your driver to make stops along the way

Taxi and a Limousine driving along the Brooklyn bridge

That’s pretty unreasonable. | LSP1982/iStock/Getty Images

Most Uber drivers don’t mind a quick stop now and then, according to Clark. But if you want him to wait outside while you go grocery shopping — or get your nails done — that’s just unreasonable. Plus, it can really cut into his earnings. Drivers do actually get paid a waiting rate, but it’s at much lower than their driving rate. For example, in Atlanta drivers get paid 12 cents per minute to wait, which works out to only $7.20 an hour — as you can see, they make a lot more by driving.

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12. You slam the door

Car door

Slamming the door is just rude anyways. | shekhardino/iStock/Getty Images

Does it bug the crap out of you when someone slams your car door? If so, feel for Uber drivers — according to Clark, it happens all the time. In fact, it’s one of Uber drivers’ biggest pet peeves. Imagine having your car door slammed 30 times a night — you’d likely be plenty annoyed. Take it easy when you close the door after your driver drops you up — extend him the same courtesy you would like people to extend you.

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13. You don’t communicate

Woman sitting in backseat of car looking at cell phone

You don’t have to be a chatterbox, but just speak up a little. | m-imagephotography/iStock/Getty Images

Typically your Uber driver will be able to find you if you’re at a residential address. But sometimes, according to Clark, passengers will be at an even or a location — such as a mall or a huge apartment complex — that’s not clear to the driver. Don’t make him drive around looking for you. Take the initiative and text him – just use the contact button on the Uber rider app — and tell him exactly where to find you. Whatever you can do to make the pick-up process easier goes a long way.

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14. You don’t leave a rating

The driver rating screen in an Uber app

They have to maintain a good rating. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Ratings really matter to Uber drivers, according to Clark. In fact, they are required to maintain a rating of 4.6 stars — out of five — to continue driving. Do the right thing and take a second to give your driver a five-star rating. It matters. If, however, you really had an issue with the ride, rate your driver accordingly — and make sure you leave some feedback about the low rating.

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15. You want to discuss becoming an Uber driver yourself

An Uber driver in Cairo checks a map on his smartphone

They don’t want to share their secretes. | Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images

The last thing your Uber driver wants to hear about is how you want to be an Uber driver, according to Willamette Week. Why in the world would he want to share all the secrets he’s learned about driving with you? There are many Uber drivers out there and it’s a competitive gig. Don’t ask your Uber driver for tips of the trade — just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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16. You leave trash in the car

Uber car on a street in Moscow

That is so rude. | Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images

Who leaves trash in someone else’s car? Someone pretty rude, according to Clark. And if you leave trash in a vehicle someone depends on for their income, that’s extra rude. You certainly wouldn’t want to get into an Uber car and find someone else’s trash in the back seat, so don’t leave any of yours. Like the Boy Scouts say, take only memories and leave only footprints. I

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17. You don’t respect seating limits

An Uber car waits for a client in Manhattan

There’s a seat limit for a reason. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

If a car is only rated for four passengers, don’t try to fit in more. Instead, pay a little more and get a bigger car, because you’ll not only irritate your driver by doing the former, you’re breaking the law, according to Clark. Don’t put your driver in the situation where he has to break the law, it’s not fair. And speaking of laws, make sure you buckle up when you’re in your Uber – that’s a law, too, and one that might just save your life.

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