These Cities Are About to Run Out of Clean Drinking Water

Many of us take running water for granted. It isn’t until the power goes out and we run out of clean drinking water that we realize how dependent we are on the stuff. However, recent events prove a water scarcity could become a reality for many U.S. cities.

It’s happened before. Hundreds of wells ran dry in East Porterville, near Bakersfield, California, in 2014. Trucks bussed bottled water to residents forcing them to go without running water until late 2016, when a nearby town extended its water supply system.

Taps are set to run dry all over the world, due to population booms, pollution disasters, and climate change. Here are just a few of the most populated cities at risk of water shortages in the near future. Is your city on the list?

1. Los Angeles

Hollywood sign over Los Angeles

This city has dealt with its fair share of natural disasters. | SeanPavonePhoto/iStock/Getty Images

The Nature Conservancy placed Los Angeles at No. 9 on its water-stressed list. A myriad of obstacles work against L.A.’s water supply. First, the city’s sheer size and population creates high demand. Also, the city continues to lose about 80% of its water to the Santa Monica Bay while under a drought caused by recent wildfires.

L.A. imports an even bigger portion of its water from the Colorado River Basin every day. Using this river as a source poses a problem for many other U.S. cities, as you’ll read soon.

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