These Cities Are About to Run Out of Clean Drinking Water

Many of us take running water for granted. And recent events prove a water scarcity could become a reality for many U.S. cities. It’s happened before. Hundreds of wells ran dry near Bakersfield, California in 2014. Forced to go without running water until late 2016, residents received bottled water via trucks until a nearby town extended its water supply.

Due to population booms, pollution disasters, and climate change, taps will run dry all over the world in the near future. Here are the most populated, water-stressed cities in America and beyond. One popular U.S. city is set to run dry very soon (page 9).

1. San Francisco

San Francisco Skyline with painted ladies

A city with lots of character and little water | SeanPavonePhoto/iStock/Getty Images

One of California’s main problems: It relies too heavily on the weather for its water supply. As the Golden State faces its worst drought in history, San Francisco is seeing no decline in its population boom, which creates poor circumstances for residents badly in need of a healthy water supply.

The Colorado River is struggling to provide this resource for such a huge region. And San Francisco will hurt more than many other cities.

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