These Dog Breeds Don’t Deserve Their Awful Stereotypes

11. Great Dane

Deutsche Dogge blauen Farbschlages auf einer Wiese

They’re truly gentle giants. |

The stereotype: These dogs are aggressive with other animals.

The truth: With proper training and socialization, great Danes are friendly with people and animals alike.

The great Dane is often referred to as a gentle giant. Unfortunately, people who stereotype the dog don’t often hear that characterization. Many people are terrified of large dogs, regardless of their temperament. Even though most great Dane owners could probably tell you that their dogs are friendly and agreeable, the breed has gained a reputation as a dog who can intimidate not only people, but also other animals (specifically, other dogs).

PetWave notes that many great Danes do have protective instincts. However, these dogs, like any other breed, “should never be encouraged to be overly protective and certainly never to be aggressive.” Again, consistent training and socialization are important. These tactics are typically very effective, considering the breed earned an 80.9% pass rate on the American Temperament Test Society’s evaluation.

As for those worries about aggression toward other dogs? The AKC reports that the breed can spend time with other dogs, especially if you supervise. (Supervision is particularly important if your great Dane’s favorite playmate is a tiny dog!),

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