These Dog Breeds Always Have Unbelievably Cute Puppies

The only thing better than a dog in this world is a baby dog. Puppies are so sweet, so pure, and so cute that it’s almost too much to handle. Every puppy is perfection, but there are some puppy breeds out there that produce lethal amounts of cute.

These are the dog breeds that always have unbelievably adorable puppies.

1. Chow chow

Chow chow puppy
They look like tiny stuffed animals at this age. | AkilinaWinner/iStock/Getty Images

Chow chows are loyal, devoted dogs, and they make some pretty great puppies. As adults, chow chows are very cute. They have lion-like manes, deep-set eyes, and the absolute cuddliest fur. But as puppies, chow chows are downright adorable. They’re so fluffy and small that they just look like little balls of fluff bopping around. 

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2. St. Bernard

St Bernard Puppy
They’re ultra fluffy with giant paws. | Fotoskat/iStock/Getty Images

We all know St. Bernards for their larger-than-life stature and sweet demeanor. But St. Bernard puppies are pretty darn cute, too. As they grow older, they become pretty low-key, calm dogs, but as puppies, they’re quite boisterous. These little fluff balls love to play, cuddle, and romp around.

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3. Corgi

Corgi and puppies
There really isn’t a bad age for a Corgi. | Alona Rjabceva/iStock/Getty Images

Because they stay pretty small and because their personalities are so funny, corgis are cute at any age. But a corgi puppy is especially cute. Their fur is incredibly soft, and they haven’t quite grown into their big ears yet. Their curious little eyes and playful nature will keep you absolutely delighted.

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4. Golden retriever

Young Child Boy Training Golden Retriever Puppy Dog
Just try not to smile around them.  | MarkoNovkov/iStock/Getty Images

Cheerful, loyal, and trusting, golden retrievers are a classic family dog. They exhibit puppy-like behavior well into adulthood, but when they actually are puppies, they’re very, very cute. Golden retriever puppies have beautiful soft, feather-like coats. They love to wag their tails and show off that famous golden retriever smile while happily exploring their surroundings.

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5. Shar pei

Shar Pei puppy standing
They’re even more wrinkly when they’re young. | Ansaharju/iStock/Getty Images

Shar peis are known for their wrinkles. A lot of shar pei puppies have to grow into their wrinkles, so as small pups, they just look like a little pile of folded skin. Between their loose skin that they have yet to grow into and their tiny little ears poking up, Shar pei puppies are some of the cutest around.

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6. Beagle

Make sure to get them proper training because their cuteness might make you too soft. | iStock/Getty Images

Beagles stay relatively small, but when they’re even smaller as puppies, they’re especially cute. Beagles are fun-loving, cheerful, and stubborn. As stubborn little puppies, they can be quite funny. Just be sure to start obedience training at an early age (despite how cute they are), so that stubborn puppy nature doesn’t turn into a behavioral problem later in life.  

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7. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

King Charles spaniel puppy
They love kids and animals alike. | JLSnader/iStock/Getty Images

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are affectionate, eager-to-please dogs. They’re great around kids and other pets, and they’re easy to train. If you think they’re cute as adults, you should see a cavalier King Charles puppy. They’re big, twinkling eyes and soft-to-the-touch fur will steal anyone’s heart.  

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8. Husky

Siberian Husky puppy
They’re even more energetic as babies. | JLSnader/iStock/Getty Images

Huskies are extremely active dogs who love running, hiking, and exploring. Husky puppies are pretty active (especially for puppies) as well. With a husky puppy, you’ll have a little bundle of furry, playful energy to entertain.

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9. English bulldog

bulldog puppies playing
They’re pretty calm, but even these puppies have their moments. | Onetouchspark/iStock/Getty Images

English bulldog puppies are very docile, despite their tough puppy exterior. As puppies, English bulldogs like to be indoors with their families and aren’t exactly a bundle of energy. Even later in life, English bulldogs aren’t particularly active, but as puppies, they especially prefer cuddling at home over romping around outside.   

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10. Basset hound

Basset Hound Puppy
They will gladly veg out with you all day long. | Chillin/iStock/Getty Images

With their droopy, sad eyes and their ears that are just a little too big for their bodies, basset hounds are some of the cutest puppies around. When they’re young, they’re also pretty easy going and tend to get along with just about everyone. But the important thing to remember with basset hounds puppies is that though it may seem like they’d like to lay around all day, they still need a decent amount of exercise to stay in shape.

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11. Bernese mountain dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy
Their paws are adorably clumsy now, but they’ll definitely grow into them. | Foto-front/iStock/Getty Images

Bernese mountain dogs make great family dogs, and they’re really fun to bring home as puppies. They’re are playful and get along with kids and other pets alike. They’re also easy to train, even when they’re young. With their big paws, beautiful black, white, and brown coats, and curious expressions, they make pretty darn cute puppies.  

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12. Bloodhound

Bloodhound puppies
How could you not love those wrinkled faces? | Lakshmi3/iStock/Getty Images

Bloodhound puppies have the wrinkles of a shar pei and the droopiness of a basset hound, and they’re absolutely adorable. Though bloodhounds grow up to be noble dogs, they love to run around and play, especially at a young age.

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13. American pitbull terrier

American Pitbull terrier puppy
Pit bull puppies are total bundles of joy. | Laures/iStock/Getty Images

You can’t help but love the face of a pitbull puppy. They have striking, curious eyes and often almost human-like expressions. They’re sweet, playful, and full of personality. If you have the pleasure of bringing a pitbull puppy home, look forward to lots of kisses and snuggles.

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14. French bulldog

Woman and French bulldog outdoors
They are adorable and definitely bizarre. | DuxX/iStock/Getty Images

French bulldog puppies are also wrinkly little bundles of joy. With their big bug eyes, bat-like ears, and broad little shoulders, French bulldog puppies are delightfully weird. They’re not everyone’s cute cup of tea, but when you are a French Bulldog fan, you’re an adamant fan for life.  

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15. Labrador retriever

Morning walk with dog (black labrador retriever)
These little guys are loyal and oh-so lovable. | Chalabala/iStock/Getty Images

Labradors are another classic family breed, and, boy, do they have some cute puppies. Labrador puppies are soft, happy, curious, and playful. From the get go, Labradors like to be very active and enjoy a good game of fetch or a little romp in the yard. They’re also easy to train as puppies, as they’re eager to please.

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