These HGTV Couples Want to Be the Next Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that they’ll end Fixer Upper after Season 5, breaking the hearts of fans who wanted the hit HGTV show to go on forever. (At least we’ll always have reruns to get our shiplap fix.) We’ll still keep up with the Waco-based couple. But we can’t help but wonder who will become the next Chip and Joanna. As it turns out, HGTV has plenty of couples who seem ready to ascend the throne of renovation royalty.

Below, check out all the HGTV couples who want to be the next Chip and Joanna Gaines.

13. Linda Phan and Drew Scott

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Drew Scott of Property Brothers fame just got a new show with fiancée Linda Phan: Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. The show, which premiered in November, follows the couple as they renovate their first home together. (Drew finds the home, Jonathan designs it, and Linda takes the helm on decorating it.) Though Phan may be newer to viewers, she’s actually long been off camera as the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment. This couple clearly loves working together — just like Chip and Joanna Gaines!

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12. Kortney and Dave Wilson

They aren’t the best-known HGTV couple, but Kortney and Dave Wilson have charmed plenty of fans with their show Masters of Flip. The Nashvillle-based couple renovates dilapidated old houses around Music City. (Just like Chip and Joanna, they can somehow see the potential even in homes that look like disasters to everybody else.) Plus, the couple has a pretty healthy give and take over their choices on their budget, the construction timeline, and the final design of each home. Additionally, the couple has a pretty adorable family — just like the current HGTV royalty.

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11. Tyson and Michelle Spiess

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If you’ve ever watched Tiny Luxury, then you’ve seen Tyson and Michelle Spiess in action. Most people hear “tiny home” and think plywood and basic finishes. But Tyson and Michelle — along with Michelle’s brothers and their wives — run a big business building high-end tiny homes. On each episode of the HGTV show, you can see them build a house from beginning to end. In the process, they’ll challenge all your preconceptions about what “tiny living” really means.

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10. Christina and Tarek El Moussa

Christina and Tarek El Moussa may be headed for a divorce, but they’ve announced that they’ll continue working together at least through season 8 of Flip or Flop. Even with their marriage behind them, Christina and Tarek seem to work pretty well together. While you won’t see shiplap, distressed wood, or antiques in the houses they renovate, you will see them turning around some pretty rough properties.

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9. DeRon Jenkins and Page Turner

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Because Flip or Flop got so popular, HGTV has introduced a number of spinoffs. As one of those Flip or Flop spinoff couples, DeRon Jenkins and Page Turner seem like pretty strong candidates for the HGTV crown. Interestingly enough, Jenkins and Turner aren’t actually a couple — or at least, they aren’t anymore. They used to be an item, but eventually broke up. Luckily, they’ve put any past disagreements behind them and work as business partners flipping houses on Flip or Flop Nashville.

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8. Liz and Mark Perez

Next up among the Flip or Flop spinoff couples? Liz and Mark Perez, who star in Flip or Flop Chicago, first introduced as Chicago Flippers. They renovate dilapidated Chicago houses into gorgeous homes. HGTV reports that in the past eight years, this accomplished couple has flipped more than 100 houses in Chicago. The Mexican-born renovation experts put a lot of planning, repairs, and design work into each home to turn them into gorgeous properties that are perfect — and affordable — for buyers with families.

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7. Anita and Ken Corsini

Not everybody who’s familiar with the original Flip or Flop has watched Flip or Flop Atlanta. But Anita and Ken Corsini give you plenty of reasons to catch up with the spinoff. Like Chip and Joanna, this couple loves working together. (And they don’t need to argue nonstop, unlike Christina and Tarek.) The real-estate-savvy Corsinis make smart renovation decisions and good design choices. And they have adorable children who occasionally make an appearance on the show, which just makes us like them more.

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6. Aubrey and Bristol Marunde

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Another Flip or Flop couple trying to be the next Chip and Joanna, or at least the next Christina and Tarek? Aubrey and Bristol Marunde. The couple stars in one of the latest Flip or Flop spinoffs, Flip or Flop Vegas. Bristol, a former mixed martial artist, loves demo day almost as much as Chip does. And Aubrey’s modern, glam style has won her plenty of fans, as have the couple’s two entertaining sons.

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5. Andy and Ashley Williams

The Flip or Flop couple we think has the best potential to replace Chip and Joanna? Flip or Flop Ft. Worth‘s stars, Andy and Ashley Williams. Both military veterans — she served in the Army and he in the Marines — this couple has adorable kids and a successful business flipping homes in Texas. (Doesn’t that sound familiar?) And, just like Chip and Joanna, he handles the demo and construction while she’s the design expert. What’s not to love about these two?

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4. Ashley and Barrett Gilbreath

If you want another wholesome family to watch as the Gaineses get less airtime, you can’t go wrong with Ashley and Barrett Gilbreath. The Montgomery, Alabama, based duo hosts the new show Sweet Home Renovation. But as Country Living reports, the couple is a little bit different from the usual husband and wife team you see all over HGTV. That’s because instead of focusing on construction, Barrett actually works for a healthcare startup, and is more involved on a computer behind the scenes than on camera with a sledge hammer.

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3. Lauren and David Liess

You may know Lauren Liess as an interior designer. But did you know that she stars with her husband, David, on a new HGTV show called Best House on the Block? The show is a little bit different from HGTV’s usual renovation show formula. Instead of helping their clients find a home, the couple focuses on making the home they already have perfect for the homeowners’ needs. And in the process, they try to make the house the best one on the block — something they do particularly well thanks to all of their experience with renovation and design in Great Falls, Virginia.

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2. Clint and Kelly Harp

Fans who want the next Chip and Joanna Gaines to be somebody from the Fixer Upper universe will be cheering for Clint and Kelly Harp. Clint got his start as Joanna’s resident carpenter on Fixer Upper, and the couple has a new series, Wood Work, debuting on the DIY Network (owned by the same parent network as HGTV). While Chip and Joanna have Magnolia Market, Clint and Kelly have Harp Design Co., for which the couple has designed numerous products. They also have an adorable family and the same community values that everybody loves seeing on Fixer Upper.

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1. Erin and Ben Napier

As the hosts of HGTV’s Home Town, Erin and Ben Napier renovate historic homes in Laurel, Mississippi. Like Chip and Joanna, this couple loves historic architecture and their southern community. They also share a supportive marriage, and they aren’t shy about their Christian faith. So with their first child on the way, the Napiers are becoming the same kind of family that America loves seeing on Fixer Upper.

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And if you just really miss Chip and Joanna already …

Hearth & hand home goods

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia | Target

If you just miss Chip and Joanna, we don’t blame you. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can keep up with the Fixer Upper stars, even after the show ends. You can subscribe to their magazine, or shop their products at Target and other retailers. You can take their renovation advice when you embark on some projects for your own home, and you can always watch reruns! (We’re basically positive that they’ll still be on HGTV night and day!)

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You can even go visit them in Waco

Silos Baking Co

Check out all that Waco has to offer. | Magnolia Market

Another great way to get more Chip and Joanna in your life? Make a trip to Waco! There, you can check out the Magnolia Market and the Silos Baking Co. You can walk by some of the houses that appeared on Fixer Upper, or pop into the Magnolia Realty office.

And don’t feel guilty about watching other shows on HGTV. Though we’re sure that at least some of these couples will win a place in your heart, you know where your loyalty truly lies.

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