These Hotel Room Horror Stories Are The Stuff Nightmares Are Made of

Although most hotels do have a few dirty little secrets (don’t ask when the comforters were last washed, for example), the vast majority of them are well run by people who do want to give you a pleasant stay. After all, it’s called the hospitality industry for a reason — they want you to feel comfortable and happy while you’re there so you’ll come back.

But every hotel stay is hospitable, and in fact, some are downright horrifying. If none of these things have ever happened to you, consider yourself lucky.

“Happy” Halloween …

Halloween haunted house

Halloween haunted house
| Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

When Dillon checked into a hotel room while on a business trip, he was disappointed to find his room dirty. He requested to move, only to find the second room just as unkempt. The staff moved him again, and the third room was fine … at first.

While he settled in, he started hearing screams and loud cries, like someone was being stabbed. When he reported the noise to the front desk, he was told they had set up a haunted house in the room next to him for kids staying at the hotel. Because he’d moved so many times, he stayed in the room and endured the sounds all night long.

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The walls are thin

Old red brick wall

Old red brick wall | leighcol/iStock/Getty Images

We’ve all stayed in hotels with paper thin walls, but this is ridiculous. Bruce Northam, the author of Directions to Happiness, told the New York Post:

“I was in a hastily constructed hotel in Bali with my brother. I gave him a humorous shove and he bumped into the brick wall, which then completely collapsed! It was a stand-alone wall dividing two rooms. Hello neighbor!” The neighbors turned out to be an Indonesian couple on their honeymoon.

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Haunted Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn | tupungato/iStock/Getty Images

A former employee of a Holiday Inn in an undisclosed location shared this harrowing tale:

“One night, I was working the front desk and received a call from a room complaining that the room above them was stomping around and being noisy. Nobody was checked into that room and nobody was there when I checked it out . . . . Guess a wife killed her husband in the room. Also, after the murder, the room was turned into storage, and despite it being empty, the front desk would get random calls from that room.”

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The hefty price tag for a night out

Chambermaid standing in trashed hotel room

Chambermaid standing in trashed hotel room | Darrin Klimek/iStock/Getty Images

A group of men staying at a hotel for a bachelor party is, sometimes, a disaster waiting to happen. Needless to say, the men got very drunk before retreating to their rooms, and everyone left in the morning.

When the housekeepers went to clean one room where only two men had stayed, they were met with their worst stench they’d ever experienced. The men had apparently been so drunk that they’d vomited everywhere and pooped all over everything. Vomit and feces were even smeared all over the walls.

The hotel had to completely remodel the room and buy new furniture — and they made the guilty men pay for everything.

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Found: One missing hand

Moulage of cut-off hand

Moulage of cut-off hand | ovbelov/iStock/Getty Images

Reddit user berthejew had the unfortunate experience of finding a severed hand under the bed of a hotel room. Apparently, there had been a drug deal gone wrong in the room months before, and a man was murdered … and the body’s hand was missing. The hand remained lost until lucky berthejew discovered it.

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Found: One stranger’s used condom

Condom left on a hotel bed

Condom left on a hotel bed | DmitriMaruta/iStock/Getty Images

You may have heard the (sometimes true) rumor that hotel housekeepers don’t always change the sheets in between guests. Still, Reddit user TheGazorpazorpParker was not expecting this surprise at a hotel room in Dallas:

“Woke up in the morning, started to pack things. Couldn’t find my phone. Took the comforter off and there was a used condom right next to where I was sleeping.”

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Hot tub accident … and an upgrade

Asian style hot tub jacuzzi in spa room

Hot tub in hotel room | 2nix/iStock/Getty Images

Reddit user Bayareabrunette was to blame for their worst hotel room horror story. After getting drunk in Las Vegas and going back to their hotel room, they climbed into the hot tub and promptly fell asleep. They woke up to the sounds of the LVPD, who were there to make an arrest for destruction of property. Two rooms had been destroyed by the flooding.

Bayareabrunette had mug shots taken, paid an insurance deductible, and managed to get the charges dropped. Then the manager decided everything went so smoothly, she upgraded the hot tub sleeper to a suite for the next two nights as a thank you for being so cooperative. Politeness pays!

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The 2 AM wakeup call

door with a please do not disturb sign

Closed door of hotel room with please do not disturb sign | DragonImages/iStock/Getty Images

This story from Reddit user bunnylebowski1, who was staying at a budget hotel in Las Vegas, is the stuff nightmares are made of. She was asleep in her room at 2 AM when a man began pounding on her door:

“I can see feet under the door and I just stayed as still and quiet as possible. He kept pounding and pounding on the door. I had that horrible feeling that something very terrible was about to happen. The man stood there in silence for a few minutes before he pounded on the door again and left. Less than a minute later we heard four gunshots down the hall. I have never been so scared in my life.”

The next morning a front desk worker claimed to know nothing about the gunshots.

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