These Insane Conspiracy Theories About North Korea Will Blow Your Mind

2. When in doubt, steal a ship?

Kim Jong Un giving a statement at a desk with books behind him

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un keeps his nation shrouded in secrecy. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

The next day, the ROK Army’s 6th Corps enacted a wide sweep operation, intending to capture or kill any surviving members of the unit. Soldiers from the 92nd Regiment, 30th Infantry Division captured Kim Shin-Jo, who hid in a civilian’s house near Inwang Mountain. As he told The New York Times, he expected execution. He received a pardon, in part because his gun did not show signs of being fired.

On Jan. 22, 1968, the United Nations Command requested a Military Armistice Commission to discuss the raid. The UNC wanted the meeting on Jan. 23, but the North Koreans asked for a day’s delay. On Jan. 23, North Korea captured the United States Navy’s USS Pueblo. Consequently, the MAC meeting dealt not only with the raid, but also the Pueblo’s capture. As a result, the Pueblo capture diverted attention from the raid.

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