These Insects May Soon Become Dinnertime Staples

Insect eating or “entomophagy” is common to 80% of the world’s countries. It’s estimated that two billion people partake in it around the globe. Environmental companies and economic forces alike are recruiting entrepreneurs to indulge in insect-driven dishes.

While some of these meals might entice you (who doesn’t like a good taco?), they’ll all definitely surprise you. Insect entrees may be all the buzz among start-ups, but would you eat these six-legged dishes?

Fly burgers

A bit of a nutritional boost if you can stomach the idea. | China Photos/Getty Images

Eastern Africans surrounded by Lake Victoria found a creative way to take care of their intense midge fly problem; cook them into burgers. According to Fox News, if consumed properly, the midge fly patties have seven times the nutritional content of a traditional beef burger and an abundance of protein to boot.

Lake Victoria borders several countries including Kenya and Tanzania. Reddit user gaz7527 claims to have tasted the fly burgers.“I actually ate these in Mozambique when I worked on a farm – they were pretty much tasteless.”

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