These Photos Actually Make Airplane Food Look Good

Airplane food is rarely associated with quality cuisine. And by rarely, we mean never. But we found one frequent flyer who proves the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Daring to go where not many others would, world traveler Nik Loukas is tackling on-board meals one flight at a time. Fellow travelers and foodies alike can check out reviews on his InFlightFeed blog, which is definitely worth a gander.

So has all this food talk piqued your interest? Great! Prepare to salivate over the one type of cuisine you never thought you would: airplane food.

Japanese bento box

inflightfeed bento box

You never knew how good sushi on a plane could be. | inflightfeed via Instagram

  • Airline: Austrian Airlines
  • Cabin: Economy cabin
  • Route: Frankfurt to Vienna

Sushi may not be your go-to option on an airplane. But maybe it should be because this Japanese bento box is giving us all the sushi cravings. The meal here features edamame, sushi, and wild salmon, along with avocado tartar, duck breast, Sakura salad, and chocolate mousse.

Next: Italian, anyone?

Vegetable-stuffed pasta

inflightfeed ravioli

What’s better than pasta while you fly? | inflightfeed via Instagram

  • Airline: Condor
  • Cabin: N/A
  • Route: Frankfurt to Seattle

There’s no better excuse to eat pasta than when it’s the main meal offered. And this airplane pasta, in particular, actually looks like something you’d want to eat. Fly this airline, and gobble up the vegetable-stuffed ravioli in a tomato and red wine sauce. Then, top it all off with a passion fruit champagne tartlet and cheese board. Yum.

Next: You won’t believe how good the kid’s meal looks.

Kid’s burger

inflightfeed kid burger

These are some lucky kids. | inflightfeed via Instagram

  • Airline: Singapore Airlines
  • Cabin: Business class
  • Route: Zurich to Singapore

This may be a kid’s meal, but boy, do kids eat well in business class. Served with a side of crispy potato chips and grilled vegetables, this gourmet burger puts Chuck E. Cheese’s fare to shame.

Next: Rise and shine.

Eggs, bacon, and potatoes

inflightfeed eggs and bacon

These bacon and eggs will wake you up. | inflightfeed via Instagram

  • Airline: Austrian Airlines
  • Cabin: Economy
  • Route: Vienna to Zurich

When you’re on an overnight flight, waking up to an aroma-filled cabin isn’t exactly the norm. But when it does happen, it’s a real treat. Here, Loukas enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Complete with a side of muesli, fresh fruit, “piping hot bread,” and freshly squeezed orange juice, it’s no wonder the in-flight food expert called this meal “amazing!”

Next: This presentation is everything. 

Caesar salad and Cajun chicken breast

inflightfeed caesar salad

They nailed the presentation. | inflightfeed via Instagram

  • Airline: Air Europa
  • Cabin: Business class
  • Route: Madrid to Frankfurt

One look at this lunchtime meal, and it’s clear why it received rave reviews. From presentation to nutrition, Air Europa totally nails it. This meal includes Caesar salad, veggies topped with honey cream, grilled potatoes with confit mushrooms, and Cajun chicken breast. As for a palate cleanser, passengers received sweet flan.

Next: A Michelin-starred chef created this meal.

Shrimp, quinoa, and veal shank

inflightfeed shrimp and veal

A Michelin-starred chef created this meal. | inflightfeed via Instagram

  • Airline: Air France
  • Cabin: Business class
  • Route: Paris to Bucharest

Just when you thought airplane food couldn’t get any better, there’s this: a meal by Michelin-starred chef Regis Marcon — on an airplane. (Clearly, we’ve been doing it wrong.) This gourmet meal starts with sautéed shrimp and quinoa. And then comes veal shank with risotto, cheese, bread, and chocolate cake, to boot.

Next: This meal even came with proper utensils. 

Pork with noodles and veggies

inflightfeed pork

Noodle lovers, rejoice! | inflightfeed via Instagram

  • Airline: Thai Airways
  • Cabin: Economy class
  • Route: Kunming to Bangkok

Any noodle lover would be overjoyed to get this kind of cuisine on board. The tasty meal consists of pork with noodles, veggies, and salmon salad on the side. And bonus: Thai Airways even provides in-flight chopsticks. How great is that?

So wherever your next adventure takes you, be sure to choose an airline that feeds your need for tasty food along the way.

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