These Pickle-Flavored Foods Prove the Popular Trend Might Be Going Too Far

Pickle-flavored foods sure are having a moment. Thanks to the internet, we know the art of pairing pickles with just about anything has become a popular pastime. So popular, in fact, that even Disney’s on board¬†(page 6).

Love ’em or hate ’em, pickles are here to stay. But have some pickle-flavored foods gone too far? Take a look at these 15 items, and decide for yourself.

1. Pickle-flavored soft serve

Pickle soft serve

Pickle-flavored soft serve | Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. via Instagram

Incorporating the sour taste of a pickle into the sweet, sweet flavors of ice cream? We’re on the fence. Actually, we’d be 100% against the idea, had it not already received so much praise.

So, do you think pickle-flavored soft-serve would go down as smoothly as any other flavor?

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