These Politicians Are the Biggest Cheaters to Ever Be Caught

There’s no shortage of political scandals, especially involving sex. Let’s take a quick look at the cheating politicians that were caught (some in rather compromising positions) and roasted by the American public and media. The public was kept in the dark about one famous marriage split, but then found out about a scandalous cheating scandal that included an illegitimate child (No. 11).

1. Rudy Giuliani

Judith Nathan smiles while standing next to Mayor Giuliani.

His current wife is Judith Giuliani. | Mike Pont/Getty Images for OCRFA

The former New York City mayor’s first marriage was to his second cousin. He began dating his second wife before his divorce to his first (the second cousin). Got that straight? Next, Rudy Giuliani reportedly had a long-term affair with his press secretary during his marriage to his second wife. He met his third wife, Judith Nathan, in the late ’90s, using publicly funded security personnel to help him get to and from meetings with her. To announce his separation from his second wife, he utilized a public press conference. Giuliani and Nathan married in 2003.

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