These States Have Some of the Strangest Traffic Laws in America

In the big, grand scheme, most traffic laws are created in order to reduce overall chaos and keep the peace. For the most part, they seem to work. However every now and then, a few really bizarre laws manage to slide their way through local and state legislation and snag stamps of approval.

Sit back and enjoy 15 of the most absurd and hysterical traffic laws here in the United States.

1. No blindfolded drivers allowed in Alabama

Female tie her eyes with black ribbon

Hopefully, this is illegal elsewhere. | savageultralight/iStock/Getty Images

As if blindfolded driving needed to be reprimanded in the first place, rest assured that the lawmakers of Alabama were not going to let this sneaky pastime slip through the legal cracks. It’s 100% illegal to operate a vehicle while blindfolded in ‘Bama — and hopefully everywhere else for that matter.

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2. In Alaska, you can’t strap your dog to your roof rack

Car roof rack showing holiday items.

You can strap most things up there, but not your dog. | susandaniels/iStock/Getty Images

The Last Frontier of Alaska seems to be a bit of a lawless land where practically anything goes. Nevertheless, all that wide open space tends to summon a bit of wild creativity out of its residents. The kind of creativity that apparently beckons dog owners to strap their furry friends to the roof racks of vehicles. Lawmakers decided roof racks weren’t an appropriate ride for pets and now consider it an illegal mode of pet transportation.

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3. Couchsurfing will be your best bet in Eureka, California

A man walks past a sign posting the ordinance which led to the explosion of tents housing the homeless on Los Angeles streets

No sleeping under the stars in this city. | Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

If you’ve ever been to Eureka, California, you’ve probably noticed the town is full of people gladly marching to the beat of their own drum. Transients riddle the streets around the Emerald Triangle and are often found resting their weary bones in the most precarious places. So much, lawmakers had to make it illegal to sleep on any street, sidewalk, or alley. Advice: Get a Couchsurfing profile and a job.

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4. Driving through a playground is illegal in this Georgia town

playground equipment in a park

This seems like it should be obvious. | iStock/Getty Images

Has driving through a playground ever been considered reasonable? Of course not. Yet, in Dublin, Georgia, the issue required addressing. A quick cruise around the monkey bars will land offenders with up to 90 days in the jailhouse.

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5. Clean mouths only in Rockville, Maryland

Angry driver shouting

Your swears could lead to a fine. | Chris Ryan/iStock/Getty Images

Feeling compelled to yell out a swear word here and there isn’t an unusual circumstance, especially driving through traffic. However, if cops in Rockville, Maryland, hear you blurting out foul language from your vehicle, your road-raging words could cost you a fine of up to $100. Keep your naughty words to a whisper, if necessary.

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6. You’ll be charged with a misdemeanor for getting mud on the streets of Minnetonka, Minnesota

Wheel tire mess up

Dirty tires will earn you a hefty fine. | LiptonCNX/iStock/Getty Images

These Minnesotans pride themselves on keeping their streets spick-and-span. In Minnetonka, driving your vehicle down streets and highways with dirty tires and mucking up the streets is considered illegal. So much, motorists could face fines of up to $2,000 for the offense.

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7. In Nevada, you can’t drive your camel down the road

funny camel

Camels won’t be slowing down the traffic in Nevada. | kostab/iStock/Getty Images

Many moons ago, camels were brought over to Nevada to be put to work, and in turn, a lot of folks were riding them around town. As you can imagine, serious traffic jams would result from camels cruising the highways. The mode of transportation is now illegal. These days, camel owners must let their humpbacked creatures roam on private lands.

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8. Also in Nevada, you can’t place a bench in the middle of a street

An empty bench in park

Benches need prior approval. | kityowong/iStock/Getty Images

It’s unclear why anyone would choose to place a bench in the midst of a street to enjoy a sit-down, but it became enough of an issue for it to become illegal in Reno. In an effort to mitigate the growing homeless population in the city, lawmakers made it illegal for benches to be placed in streets and on sidewalks. Furthermore, moving an existing sidewalk bench without proper approval is also illegal.

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9. Don’t forget to honk before passing in New Jersey

Honk before you pass. | XXLPhoto/iStock/Getty Images

Arguably a very outdated law, the honk before passing law has existed in New Jersey since 1928. The law is pretty straightforward, yet not really followed these days. Any time a motorist plans to pass a car, motorcyclist, or bicyclist, the driver is required by law to give a honk. Considering how noisy the roads already are, I’m sure all motorists can appreciate this law being broken on the daily.

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10. In Sag Harbor, New York, don’t get caught making a wardrobe change in your ride

Female feet after work

You better find a bathroom to change in. | Lifemoment/iStock/Getty Images

Most of us have been guilty of making a quick wardrobe change in the car. Whether you’re changing out your sweater or switching into a pair of shorts, be careful not to get busted disrobing in your vehicle in Sag Harbor. The coastal town has seen its fair share of beachcombers trading out their swimsuits for street clothes and decided to make the move illegal. Save your wardrobe changes for the restroom.

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11. Skating in traffic is a no-no in Canton, Ohio

Roller skating

You’re not allowed to skate in the streets. | Ridofranz/iStock/Getty Images

Sharing the road in Canton, Ohio does not apply to roller skaters. If you’re gutsy enough to hop on a pair of quads and hit the streets of Canton, you’ll get smacked with a ticket, if not by another vehicle. Reserve your roller skates for the rink.

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12. Don’t get caught with your car door open too long in Oregon

Car door

If your car door is open too long, you’ll be fined. | shekhardino/iStock/Getty Images

According to Oregon state law, you’ll be slapped with Class D violation if you leave your car door open too long. Pretty wild, right? The law was created in order to prevent any obstacles to flows of traffic. No one enjoys dodging open car doors, but the law doesn’t put an exact time frame on how long is too long to leave your doors open.

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13. Bring your flare gun if you’re out for a Sunday drive down a country road in Pennsylvania

Altoona, Pennsylvania

Every mile you’re supposed to shoot off a flare and then wait 10 minutes. | brandonhirtphoto/iStock/Getty Images

Pennsylvania is chock-full of bizarre laws. One that stands out as being downright ridiculous is the requirement to send up a rocket signal every mile when you’re driving down a country road at night. The purpose of such a law is to shoo away any livestock that may be lingering near the side of the road. And what’s even crazier, after each signal, a driver is to wait 10 minutes before proceeding.

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14. No beer runs allowed in Scituate, Rhode Island

aldi beer

One of the strangest traffic laws could affect your next trip to the store. | Megan Elliott/The Cheat Sheet

Understandably, drivers should be punished for intoxicated driving. What’s not understandable is the Scituate, Rhode Island, law that essentially prevents drivers from making a beer run. In Scituate, driving with an unopened beer in your vehicle is considered illegal, much less a six-pack.

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15. No feeding the rats in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Rat in a tunnel

It’s illegal to leave food in your car. | AFP/Getty Images

In case you didn’t know, Hilton Head has a rat problem. Despite efforts to reduce the abundance of vermin, Hilton Head had a real issue with rats, and lawmakers decided to take action. The same way bears finagle their way into vehicles for food, rats do the same. It is illegal to leave food inside of your car in this South Carolina beach town.

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