2017’s Stunning Halloween Costumes Were Almost Unbeatable

Halloween is, hands-down, one of the best holidays of the year. No other holiday inspires people to become so amazingly creative. We poured over Reddit to find some of the best costumes out there. So, enjoy your mid-week distraction, and take a look at some of these awesome costumes.

1. An ode to Nana

A toddler dressed as a grandmother

Nana, you look different … | u/Xearoii via Reddit

Who doesn’t love their grandmother? This adorable little toddler really wants to be just like Grandma, so much so that she dressed just like her.

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2. Sunday morning didn’t seem creepy until now …

Two men dressed as Care Bears

Care Bear stare! | u/theclockblogger via Reddit

For all intents and purposes, these men nailed their costume. That fact that they tried their best to stick to a proportionate size was genius. One of the biggest mistakes with costumes is making them too big.

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3. Old wise man, huh?

A man with a very large cardboard mask of an old wise man

So wise. | u/Suk__It__Trebek via Reddit

Just imagine showing up to your friends party and not being able to get through the front door. A lot of people forget about function, but they do make up for it in creativity, and for that we appreciate their efforts.

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4. This would probably be scary to most conservatives

A woman wearing a galaxy print dress and holding a medical bag

This one’s about as spooky as it gets. | u/SnugglyKoala via Reddit

Political satire is always welcome at any party. They are great conversation pieces and ice breakers. If you haven’t figured it out already, SnugglyKoala dressed as “Universal Healthcare” and everyone benefits from that!

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5. Fairies are almost guaranteed every Halloween

lady in a green dress with make made to make her look like an elf

We love a well-crafted costume! | u/Skikhar via Reddit

Simplicity really does go a long way, especially when you put a little effort into the fine details and being creative and making your own version. We absolutely love this one for all of those reasons.

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6. Take a look at this Fairly Odd couple!

A couple dressed up as cartoon characters

Here to grant any and all wishes. | u/shootthemoon88 via Reddit

Fairly Odd Parents is one of the greatest childhood cartoons out their — or at least it must be for this couple. Their accuracy to the characters is pretty phenomenal considering they even have a comparison photo with it.

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7. Creepy AF …

A man dressed in a black cloak, hat, and vail holding a jack-o-lantern that is spewing smoke

Nope. | u/RockemSockemCronuts via Reddit

Here’s the deal, people: Don’t hang out in the woods if your costume is anything like this. Two things will happen: One, you’re going to get the cops called on you, or two, you’re going to get punched. Either way is a bad way to spend Halloween. Also, well played, creepy pumpkin guy.

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8. A family that zombies together, stays together

A family dressed in nice clothes wearing makeup to make them look like zombies

Family brain-eating time is important. | u/RedRiceCreative via Reddit

When it comes to parenting goals, this family nails it. Just imagine how every Halloween is for them. I don’t even want to know what it would be like to be their neighbor.

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9. Just more pumpkins killing pumpkins

A jack-o-lantern eating another Jack-o-Lantern

Even if it’s not a costume, it’s worth noting. | u/NightStriider via Reddit

It’s not a costume, but we came across it and were amused. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

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10. It’s always smart to be topical

a child dressed as a fidget spinner

A Fidget Kid? | u/nickels55 via Reddit

For some reason that no one has been able to explain, fidget spinners and other similar products were all the rage this year. So you might as well take advantage of those topical trends and make something unique at the costume party.

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11. Probably one of the funnier ones out there

a person wearing a red jumpsuit with a burlap sack on their head

A classic horror movie gets the homage it rightfully deserves. | u/negligentnancy via Reddit

Aside from its “nope” nature, this costume is awesome. It is an homage to a 2007 slasher thriller movie, Trick ‘r Treat, that was also hilarious. If you get the time to watch it, give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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12. Purge, anyone?

A couple wearing the heads of other animals holding hands

No purging, please. | Reddit, u/MsButera

The animal masks, the old western-style clothing, and the black and white creepy lighting are all elements to make you just say “nope” and walk away. Well done for their ability to give us the heebie jeebies through a photograph alone.

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13. Madness

A man dressed as a cover of a Mad Magazine

It’s a MAD world we live in. | u/Matineefan via Reddit

One of the funniest magazines of the last century, MAD magazine was always there with the laughs. This guy did a great job of imitating the cover of almost every MAD magazine there was.

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14. You missed a spot …

A woman wearing black, white, and red makeup to make her look like an evil clown

You’ve got something on your face there … | u/Leannimall via Reddit 

You know when you go to the store to buy the cheap makeup kits and they portray this perfect zombie, witch, or goblin in that product? Well, we think they are intending to sell their products to this person, because this makeup is on point.

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15. We get it. You like Halloween

a man wearing a pigs head with blood running down his chest

Consider us suitably terrified. | u/k3rmatron via Reddit

Some people just go too far. In the biggest collective “SCREW THAT” that has ever been uttered, k3rmatron sent us away from our computer for a while. All that aside, this guy absolutely nailed it for the costume and we really hope that he was working at a haunted house somewhere.

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16. The Gate Keeper and the Key Master

A couple dressed up like the Gate Keeper and Key Master from the movie Ghostbusters

This one never gets old. | u/GinGeorgina via Reddit

If you don’t recognize the reference, then you have had a horrible childhood. This is the perfect couple costume for anyone out there who isn’t quite sure what to be for Halloween because it’s super cheap and easy to make. If you are still unsure about what we are talking about, watch Ghostbusters. 

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17. Here’s one that will scare our president

A woman with a bunch of newspapers as a dress wearing a shirt that reads "Fake news"

Now that’s a topical costume. | u/daniellerae via Reddit

When a man is constantly yelling about fake news, you eventually just have to start making fun of him. It’s obviously not fake if he has to repeat it, out of context, so many times. So here’s to you, daniellerae, for embodying the spirit of topical costumes.

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18. Mazel Tov!

A man with human skulls protruding from his abdomen

Welcome to world’s worst case of indigestion. | u/blueeyephoto via Reddit

This just made us laugh and applaud. Hopefully somebody in his office has some TUMS.

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19. The artist types

A couple portraying Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Steiglitz

A throwback to a bygone era | u/Acraw via Reddit

Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz were two of America’s earliest and renowned artists. So, good on this couple for bringing them back into the fold.

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20. CARL!

A woman dressed as "Carl" from the TV show "The Walking Dead" with a comparison to the character from the show

Stay in the house, Carl! | u/abbey_rhode via Reddit

Honestly, this is the most accurate version of this costume we’ve come across. the only thing is that you can probably expect everyone to just yell “CARL!” all the gad damn time.

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21. It’s not Vinnie

A person dressed as "Cousin It" from The Addams Family

Cousin It, checking in. | u/HolaNihao via Reddit

Two pop culture references in one page?! You betcha, we did it. Anyways, let’s close out today’s distractions with an awesome homemade costume of Cousin It.

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