These Travel Scams Are Shockingly Easy to Fall For

Fewer things are more stressful than traveling, especially if you’re stuck in one of the worst airports. On top of different customs and unfamiliar languages, you’ve got to worry about getting scammed while abroad. These are the worst travel scams you should absolutely watch for.

1. A not-so-free tour

Couple lost in Italy
Lost in Italy | Westend61

Many people are more than happy to make a buck off of your obvious lack of direction. A kind stranger may place you in the path to your destination or even walk you there. Once you’re outside the airport, they may even point out fun sights along the way. Once you reach your destination, though, they may demand money for the “tour” they gave you.

Instead, find a coffee shop, store, or restaurant, and ask someone who works there for directions. If someone on the street does give you directions, insist on walking by yourself.

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