These Videos of Dogs Getting Back at Their Owners Will Leave You Laughing

Most of the time, our pets provide companionship and love with a side of snuggles. But sometimes, their mischievous sides come out. These pets got back at their owners in hilarious ways. Just don’t show yours — they might get some naughty ideas!

1. This husky wasn’t having it

a dog in a bathtub

This poor husky just wanted a bath. | Screenshot via YouTube

Some dogs love ‘em, some hate ‘em. This husky really wanted a bath and he did not like taking no for an answer. For dogs that don’t like baths, try smearing peanut butter or another tasty treat on the wall of the tub or shower. It might help them enjoy the experience more.

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2. I’d like to report a stolen pizza

a beagle getting a pizza from the refrigerator

Better lock your fridge against this guy next time. | Screenshot via YouTube

Either this beagle’s owners get really paranoid about their pizza, or this is not this beagle’s first rodeo. The fridge cam reveals a resourceful beagle’s pizza capers. We get it, dog. We’d steal pizza, too.

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3. Shouldn’t have taught him to play dead

dog laying down in a park

Somebody give this dog an Emmy. | Screenshot via YouTube

This guy immediately regretted teaching his golden retriever to play dead, after his dog decided he didn’t want to leave the park. Luckily for him, a few girls caught the whole struggle on camera. When you get a dog, sometimes a little public shaming comes with it.

Next: This tall drink of water used his resources to get what he wanted.

4. Even the top of the fridge isn’t safe

weimaraner on top of cabinet

Well, now where do you hide stuff? | Screenshot via YouTube

Weimaraners get themselves a reputation for having mischievous tendencies, and this guy really proves the theory. Not only did he figure out how to open the drawers, but check out the jump on this dude! We only have one question: How did the pizza on the stove survive?

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5. It does not take a genius to figure out the real culprit here

a guilty newfoundland

This dog has the worst poker face we have ever seen. | Screenshot via YouTube

This giant dog does not even try to blame his fur siblings for this mess. He obviously did it, and shows very little remorse. It just goes to show: Some dogs can stay home alone. Others, not so much.

Next: For this dog, it’s as easy as, well, you know.

6. Like stealing from a baby

dog and baby crying

When in doubt, just join in. No one will ever know. | Screenshot via YouTube

This little kid’s snack never stood a chance. Best defense when you get caught? Cry with your accuser. The adults will never suspect a thing.

 Next: Holiday decorations present quite the challenge for this pup.

7. Christmas ornaments? What Christmas ornaments?

denver the golden retriever

When you already did one naughty thing, might as well keep the ball rolling. | Screenshot via YouTube

Denver the yellow lab added insult to injury when he snuck up on the couch after getting into the Christmas ornaments. Bringing a tree inside just creates extra temptation for naughty pets, and this guy could not resist investigating the new addition.

Next: Sometimes, siblings do not protect each other.

8. This dog threw his sibling under the bus


one beagle slapping another beagle

Tag, you’re it. This dog is not even sorry. | Screenshot via YouTube

Tag: You’re it! When the humans came home to a messy house, they found two possible culprits. However, when questioned, one of them made sure they knew the real vandal. These dogs really show the value of good training.

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9. These dogs just want a hamburger

two dogs begging for a burger

“Linda, Listen!” might be the best dog command we have ever heard. | Screenshot via YouTube

This man made the big mistake of eating a hamburger where his dogs could see it, and they do not sound happy. Dogs have a hard time, with their dry kibble and boring meals. Can you blame them for wanting some of ours?

Next: At the bottom of it all, dogs just want love.

10. These jealous dogs will leave you laughing

a dog creeping in the background of a girl and cat

This dog perfected the creep face. We can all go home now. | Screenshot via YouTube

All of these pups just want some attention from their people. Some dogs can’t stand when someone else gets all of the pets. Can you blame them? These adorable dogs just want the love all to themselves.

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