These Surprising Things Are a Complete Waste of Money on a Cruise

You’ve selected your itinerary, compared cabins, and sought out every discount and deal that your cruise line has to offer. (Perhaps you’ve even opted for a luxury cruise instead of booking with mainstream cruise line in order to avoid some of the worst fees.) But one of the biggest rookie mistakes is forgetting to look out for the most surprising (and sneaky!) ways that the cruise line can make those savings evaporate once you’re out at sea. In fact, many of the items and experiences that your cruise line will offer you are actually a complete waste of money.

Below, check out some of the most surprising things that you can waste your money on once you step onto the cruise ship.

1. ATM fees

man uses ATM

There might be a trick to get around these fees. | Jean-Sebastien Evrard/AFP/Getty Images

  • Cost: $5 to $8

Nobody likes paying ATM fees on dry land. But surprisingly enough, you can’t escape them when you go to sea, either! Cruise Fever reports that on most cruise ships, the ATM will charge you between $5 and $8 per transaction. And that’s on top of whatever your bank will charge you to use an ATM not operated by your own bank. But Cruise Fever reports that you can avoid those fees. “Simply go to the casino, sit down at a slot machine, insert your cabin card and deposit the amount that you want to withdraw.  Once the money is loaded into the slot machine, simply hit the ‘cash out’ button and take the ticket to the cashier to get your money.”

Next: Watch out for these charges when you use your phone.

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