Things That Only People With Really Big Dogs Can Relate To

Great Dane lying in grass

People with big dogs experience pet ownership in a slightly different way. | Bigandt_Photography/iStock/Getty Images

Everybody who has a really big dog knows they have to live life a little differently. When your dog is big enough to look like a miniature horse at first glance, he’s going to draw some attention — and require some specific care. These are the things that only people with really big dogs can relate to.

1. When your big dog sits on you like he’s a lapdog

Let’s face it: No matter how big your dog gets, he’s always going to be your baby. He’s going to keep trying to curl up in your lap like he’s a baby, too. If you can stand all that weight on you for more than a few minutes, good for you. Your large, furry friend appreciates the fact that you both ignore how huge he really is.

Next: Everyone wants to say hello. 

2. You’re used to getting stopped on the street

Bernese mountain dog smiling

Who wouldn’t want to say hello to this dog? | josianefarand/iStock/Getty Images

It’s not uncommon for people to get stopped on the street every now and then when they’re taking their dog for a walk, but if you have a really big dog you know just how much this rings true. You can hardly go out in public with your furry friend if you have a really big dog. People just can’t help but to stop and say hello.

Next: They give the best cuddles.  

3. There’s no cuddle like a big-dog cuddle

Jack Russell terrier and bullmastiff going nose to nose

They’re gentle giants. |

Everyone with a big dog knows how superior big-dog cuddles are to small-dog cuddles. Oh, you can’t use your tiny dog as a body pillow? People with really big dogs can.

Next: You’ll never look at a small dog the same again.  

4. Small dogs seem weirdly tiny to you

chihuahua in a sweater

That sweater might fit around your big dog’s paw. | Eudyptula/iStock/Getty Images

Once you’ve lived with a big dog for a while, it’s funny to see a miniature version of your pet out and about. Your dog makes every other dog look fun-sized.

Next: Accidents do happen.

5. When your big dog accidentally knocks you over

mastiff running

Brace yourself when they start running toward you. | f8grapher/iStock/Getty Images

Is there a tiny bit of room on the sofa between mom and dad? Chances are, your big dog thinks he has no problem wedging himself between the two of you, only to knock one or both of you over. He never means to, but it happens.

Next: There’s nothing to be scared of.  

6. They may look intimidating, but they’re gentle giants

He can’t help how he looks. | Bigandt_Photography/iStock/Getty Images

Your dog may seem intimidating just because of his sheer size, but he’s a big teddy bear at heart. Most big dog breeds are actually extremely gentle, and your big dog is no exception.

Next: You’re used to hearing these kinds of jokes. 

7. You’ve heard just about every Clifford or Marmaduke joke there is

Great Dane standing in green field with ball

Marmaduke is a Great Dane. | dmussman/iStock/Getty Images

“When you have a large dog, you are guaranteed to get people calling your pup Clifford or Marmaduke, two famous extra-large cartoon dogs,” My Dog’s Name points out. “Clifford (the 25” big red dog) is friendly, loyal and helpful, and has endeared himself to kids for generations. Marmaduke, from the cartoon strip bearing the same name, is a lovable, charismatic canine who has made millions laugh. These are pretty awesome characters to be compared to.”

Next: Walks can be difficult at times. 

8. Sometimes, your dog takes you for a walk

Boerboel dog

Training is a must. | Smok Bazyli/Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever tried to take a massive, energetic dog who’s excited about something on a walk? You might have asked yourself, “Who’s walking whom here?” Again, big dogs don’t always quite realize their size and strength, especially in relation to their owner, so walks can sometimes be a struggle.

Next: The amount of slobber your dog produces is horrifying.  

9. The slobber is unreal

neopolitan mastiff

You’ll get used to it. |

Hope you have a mop handy. Almost every dog slobbers at least a little bit, but big-dog slobber is next level. Every big dog owner knows that horrifying moment when your big boy is especially slobbery and gearing up to shake off. Before you know it, you’re wiping slobber off the walls with your go-to slobber rag.

Next: A big dog with a big appetite

10. It still surprises you how much he eats

Dog food on a plate

You’ll spend a lot on food. | iStock/Getty Images

Especially if you’ve ever had a smaller dog, it’s quite shocking how much big dogs eat compared to their smaller cousins. They’re constantly drinking, as well (about 3 gallons of water a day). If you thought a teenage boy could put away food, you haven’t seen a hungry big dog.

Next: Big dogs need especially sturdy toys.

11. Toys don’t last long

puppy bull mastiff playing with toy

You have to buy extra large toys. | cynoclub/iStock/Getty Images

Normal dog toys don’t cut it for big dogs. If you buy your big furry buddy a normal dog toy, you can bet it’ll be ripped to shreds by the end of the day. Extra big dogs need extra big toys. If you’re in search of some proper big dog toys, Pet Mountain has a good list.

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12. They sleep in the most inconvenient places

Great Dane lying on floor

You have to be somewhat athletic to step around these dogs. | iStock/Getty Images

It’s cute when small dogs fall asleep in weird locations (such as in a cupboard or the middle of a doorway), but when a big dog does it, it’s inconvenient. You can step over a Chihuahua sleeping in the middle of a doorway, but you’re going to have to hurdle-jump over your Great Dane.

Next: First-time visitors might feel hesitant.

13. People who come over for the first time are wary of your dog

Black Cane Corso

They might look intimidating, but with the right training and socialization they’re just big softies. |

Especially if they aren’t “dog people,” first-time guests can seem a little hesitant of your big dog. Of course, once they warm up to each other, you know they’ll be the best of friends.

Next: Cutting their nails is no easy task. 

14. It takes a village … to cut their nails

St. Bernard dog sitting with a mountain background

Just look at those paws. | swisshippo/iStock/Getty Images

Cutting a big dog’s nails isn’t like cutting a small dog’s nails. Often, cutting your pet’s nails involves calling in backup for help. With big, dopey paws and a lot of weight to throw around, cutting your dog’s nails can sometimes take up to four people.

Next: They start out small, but boy do they grow fast.  

15. They grow up so fast

St Bernard puppy

Enjoy them while they’re small. | fotoskat/iStock/Getty Images

It’s amazing how small big dogs start out as puppies. But you know better than anyone just how fast they grow. Before you know it, you’ll blink your eyes, and where your little puppy once stood is now a proud, big, sturdy dog.

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