These Are the Things You Should Never Say to a TSA Agent

Want to get through airport security with minimal hassle? Then listen to the Transportation Security Administration agents’ instructions — and keep your mouth shut. The agency is extremely serious about safety. So saying the wrong thing to a TSA agent can get you in major trouble.

Check out the things you should never, ever say to a TSA agent — at least not if you want to board your plane on time.

1. Have you ever heard of the Fourth Amendment?

A traveler walks past a newly-opened TSA Pre-check application center at Terminal C of the LaGuardia Airport on January 27, 2014 in New York City. Once approved, travelers can use special expidited Precheck security lanes. They can also leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belt, as well as keep their laptop and small containers of liquids inside carry-on luggage during security screening. The TSA plans to open more than 300 application centers across the country.

Don’t try to start a legal debate with the TSA agent. | John Moore/Getty Images

Angry travelers often cite the Fourth Amendment — the one protecting people against unreasonable searches and seizures — when a TSA agent opens their suitcases. Most TSA agents are familiar with the Constitution and its amendments. But they don’t want to begin a legal debate with you. Starting an argument won’t help you out anyway.

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