Things You Should Never Say to the Person Baking Your Wedding Cake

CakeCentral by way of HouseBeautiful rounded up questions you should never ask the person baking your wedding cake and we gathered our favorites. Some questions are downright rude, while others are pretty common. (We’ll be honest, we’ve asked some of these questions.)

Find out if you’re guilty of asking a baker these questions, below.

Can you make the frosting not so sweet?

You can specify what type of frosting you prefer without seeming rude. |

This drives bakers crazy, according to CakeCentral users. They say, “The question should be: ‘What types of frostings do you offer?'” The key is to not phrase the question as an insult. By having the baker describe their frostings, you’ll be able to discern which frosting is best for your cake, and you won’t risk being rude to your baker.

Is that edible?

Golden chocolate cake on wooden background

Some features are purely decorative. |

If your baker is suggesting a decoration on your cake, chances are it’s edible. There may be a few decorations, like fake flowers, that are inedible, but your baker will make that known to you. Remember, your baker is a professional and has baked hundreds, maybe even thousands, of wedding cakes. They know what they’re doing.

Will you waive the delivery fee if I pick up my cake?

Single chocolate cup cake over paper box

The savings aren’t worth the risk. |

Bakers have seen beautiful cakes ruined when people tried to save money on delivery by transporting them themselves. Just pay the delivery fee to have the baker deliver the cake. There will be less stress on the wedding party to get the cake to the venue unharmed. And less stress on the big day will be better for everyone involved.

Why is this cake so expensive?

$100 bills

A large, high-quality cake is going to cost you. | Mohammed Huwais/AFP/Getty Images

Feeding a large party a specialty cake is expensive. There’s more work for the bake shop’s staff, more ingredients, and more decorations. Don’t insult the baker by saying their cakes are too expensive. Research prices before to see if what you want is within your budget.

Can you make my cake look like a Cake Boss cake?

Every baker has his or her own style. | Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Don’t mention the Cake Boss or any other famous chef when discussing your wedding cake with a baker. And don’t try to get them to mimic another chef’s creations. Flip through your baker’s portfolio to get a sense of their style and strengths. If your tastes don’t match, find another baker.

Can I get your recipe?

Their recipes are their livelihood. |

You don’t ask a chef for their recipe when you’re eating dinner out, so don’t ask a baker. CakeCentral user Glenskendall says it’s like walking into a fast-food chain and asking for recipes: “Excuse me McDonald’s, but can you give me the recipe for a Big Mac so that I can make it myself and not spend any money on your product?” If you enjoy the cake that much, order it again for another special occasion.

Is it moist? Is it any good?

Red Velvet Cake

Most bakers would be very insulted by these questions. |

No self-respecting baker trying to make a sale is going to bad mouth their work. A baker would never utter the words that their cake is dry and tastes bad. Of course they enjoy their cakes — they baked them. Keep these types of questions to yourself.

Can you make it look like a cake I saw on Pinterest?

wedding cake

Let your baker be creative. |

This is a common question. We do it all the time with haircuts, home decor, and desserts. But don’t ask a baker to make a cake like the one you saw on Pinterest.

Sure, you can use Pinterest photos as inspiration or a reference, but don’t rely on your baker to make a replica cake. As HouseBeautiful pointed out, there’s a chance the Pinterest cake could be inedible and only used for a photoshoot.

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