15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Truly Love Food

We’re not quite sure what’s worse — knowing a foodie or being one yourself. So, for the sake of this article, we’ll be speaking to you, the foodie-at-heart.

Read on to see which 15 foodie-loving sentiments made our list, and just how many you totally understand.

1. Having order regret as soon as you see a good-looking dish go by

man talking with server at restaurant
Order regret is a real thing. | iStock.com/JackF

Yikes! You just saw what appeared to be an award-winning dish, and you immediately regret your decision. Clearly, you ordered the wrong thing.

Will you be able to live with your decision for the night, or will you immediately grab the server and ask if it’s too late to change your order? The choice is yours, foodie.

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2. Making a reservation only after thoroughly researching the place

Couple at a restaurant.
You know exactly what to expect. | iStock.com/FlairImages

This move is a total faux pas. Could you even imagine going to a restaurant without having done your research beforehand? No, not you. You’d never make such a rookie mistake, for you are well-versed in proper foodie protocol.

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3. The inability to get on board with eating at a chain restaurant

You wouldn’t be caught dead at an Applebee’s. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

You’re always on the hunt for something totally different than what you’ve ever tried before. After all, if you’re going to spend the money eating out, then it better be worth it.

Of course, you’re well aware chain restaurants are typically never, ever worth it.

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4. Having to order different entrees than everyone else at the table

Wooden table served for Thanksgiving dinner top view
You’re down to share every dish on the table. | KarpenkovDenis/iStock/Getty Images

You scoff at the idea of ordering the same thing as someone else. If you do that, then how are you going to swap bites with another person’s dish?

Naturally, ordering a variety of dishes is your thing, and your friends trust you completely.

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5. Constantly chasing after authentic street cuisine (and possibly compromising your vacation)

street tacos
You just can’t stay away from the authentic joints. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

We’re all about eating the most authentic food you can find when traveling. In fact, we highly encourage it. At the same time, though, we also know the value of having a discerning eye for questionable cuisine. Case in point: You’re traveling abroad and you seek out the most off-the-beaten path joint. But unlike the locals, your stomach isn’t quite ready for it. Yet, you can’t stay away.

Your daring foodie personality just may leave you in stomach agony for days. Was it worth it in your eyes? Absolutely.

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6. Spending hours in the car or in line to try the hottest new taco joint in town

Woman holding the steering wheel driving a car on a rural road through the mountains
You must visit all the hot spots. | iStock.com/BrianAJackson

Missing out on the hot new spot is certainly not an option for you. So, what do you do? You sacrifice your immediate happiness (because who likes spending hours in the car or in line?) for your long-term happiness.

Obviously, you have no regrets, because it’s always oh so worth it.

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7. Actually understanding what judges on food competition shows mean

Chopped food network
You get it. | Food Network

To the uninspired food consumer, food show judges are an enigma. But when they say something needs more salt or has the perfect amount of acidity, you, the foodie-at-heart, know exactly what they’re talking about.

So, consider yourself blessed, because for everyone else, it’s something they’ll never, ever understand.

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8. Knowing your favorite kitchen utensils should be treated with respect

Set of knives on magnetic holder
Everyone should be treating knives with respect. | eddygaleotti/iStock/Getty Images

Knives aren’t just another household item. Quite the contrary, they’re valuable utensils that deserve the utmost respect. Well, at least if you’re a hardcore foodie, that is.

Hardcore foodies would, of course, consider anyone who’d think to throw their wooden-handled knives in the dishwasher a total traitor. And we can’t blame them.

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9. Constant confusion when someone says they don’t care what they eat for dinner

Annoyed on phone
How could this be? | fizkes/iStock/Getty Images

This kind of statement is pretty much the exact opposite of music to your ears. In fact, it’s the last thing you’d want to hear from someone with whom you’re about to eat dinner.

Not care about what you’re having for dinner? Please!

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10. Knowing the farmers market schedule by heart

Portrait of a beautiful young woman smiling at the vegetable market
Get out of the way, it’s farmers market day! | iStock.com/m-imagephotography

Farmers markets rule. It’s just a fact.

There’s no way store-bought produce will ever be better than the stuff sold at your favorite farmers market.

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11. Believing your ancient cookbooks are sacred

colection of books
Cookbooks are still useful. | ConstantinosZ/iStock/Getty Images

Sure, the internet is a thing, but does it mean all those cookbooks you’ve collected over the years no longer have value? Well, maybe to some, but not to you.

Cookbooks are your bible, and you’re not willing to give them up.

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12. Knowing that sharing a meal with someone is much more intimate than a non-foodie may think

Couple in home kitchen
Sharing a meal together is special. | iStock.com/Goodluz

Anyone with whom you choose to eat must have already earned your respect, right? Well, that’s what true foodies think. And we get it.

Sharing a meal with someone is akin to sharing an intimate moment, and for that, there is no replacement.

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13. Having a grocery list on constant rotation, even if you just returned from the store

A woman holds her shopping list with her teeth
Grocery lists are your to-do lists. | Jean-Francois Monier/AFP/Getty Images

Your grocery list never goes unseen. In fact, the second you return from the store, you’ve already started a new one. It’s a never-ending struggle to keep up with each new food trend the moment it surfaces. But you’re committed and, therefore, keep a running tally of ingredients you need to grab the next time you make a grocery store run.

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14. Ordering something well-done

woman looking at menu
Just don’t do it. | iStock.com/nd3000

Unless you’re at a chain restaurant where they don’t give you much of a choice, ordering a cut of meat well-done is typically poor form. Why? Because it shows you don’t have total faith in the cooks.

When in doubt, trust the chef’s recommendation on how the dish should be prepared. Any reputable restaurant will have well-trained servers who will let you know.

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15. Deviating from the menu

Disappointed Gordan Ramsay
This wouldn’t please the likes of Gordon Ramsay. | FOX

To dovetail off our previous point, most foodies will never, ever deviate from the menu. Once again, this says the chef is not to be trusted.

Furthermore, if you show up to a restaurant and order off-menu, just be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. After all, if you wanted to compete in the culinary world, you should have applied for a spot on a cooking competition. Chances are, you won’t be able to out-create the chef at an already-established spot.

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