Things Your Waiter Doesn’t Want You To Know

You may have heard that the restaurant business has all sorts of things going on behind-the-curtain you aren’t aware of. But how much of that is affecting your dining experience? With help from Insider and Reader’s Digest, we take a look at 15 things your waiter doesn’t want you to know. (The tip on page 10 may haunt us for a while.)

1. If you feel like you’re overspending …

Pouring wine | Ridofranz/ iStock/ Getty Images

… you actually are. Especially when it comes to wine. “The house pour Cab Sauv has a wholesale cost of $3/bottle, and you’re going to pay $8/glass,” user and restaurant consultant David Williamson tells Insider. And if you’re in an upscale urban setting, that glass may be even more expensive.

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