This Corgi Royal Wedding Combines 2 of the Best Things Ever

By now, most of us who have a slight obsession with the British royal family know all about Queen Elizabeth’s famous corgis. And in honor of them and the royal wedding, one TV station combined the two in New York City on May 8.

Lifetime hosted a gathering of canines to enact their own ceremony — a la the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19. Read on for some of the most royal canines you have ever seen. If you don’t swoon at the last one, you might need your pulse checked (page 8).

1. The corgis started out well-behaved


The corgis behaved royally. | LifetimeTV via Instagram

The “Royal Corgi Court” convened in honor of the new Lifetime movie Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance, as well as the real thing. It featured a red carpet to strut down, a faux-grass courtyard complete with a fountain and even a mini-Windsor-on-the-Hudson Castle playhouse. They played to the tunes of songs by the Beatles and the Spice Girls.

Next: And the ceremony did not take place unsupervised.

2. Guards stood by to keep order — sort of


There were human handlers. | cuethedogproductions via Instagram

  • Did you know: The queen grew up with the breed, and her mother loved them too. That love has lasted through the decades.

Human guards helped keep the corgis in line — to the extent that anyone can get a gaggle of corgis to behave. Many did not seem to keep the pomp and circumstance of the situation in mind or behave as befits royal dogs. Across the pond, the queen has bred the dogs for nearly eight decades. However, her last purebred corgi, Willow, recently passed away.

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3. Each of the dogs had its own catwalk


Each pup had its moment in the spotlight. | bizbash via Instagram

  • Did you know: Queen Elizabeth also uses the corgis to break the ice with strangers.

As the event got underway, each pup paraded down the red carpet as a herald announced his or her title. The crowd went wild for “Prince William,” “Duchess Catherine,” “Prince George,” “Princess Charlotte,” “Prince Harry,” “Meghan Markle,” and “Queen Elizabeth.” Of course, each pup wore a costume befitting his or her station. At the real Windsor Castle, the dogs do not wear clothing, although they do have handmade Christmas stockings.

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4. Markle seemed to have some nuptial jitters


She had a problem with her tiara. | monica_garcia_nyc via Instagram

  • Did you know: The queen’s corgis have a catered menu and eat promptly at 5 p.m.

While the human Markle always looks very put-together, the pup version had a hard time keeping her tiara on. Unlike her groom, who drank deeply from the fountain to sate his nerves, Markle sat calmly near the castle. The royal treatment also mimicked that of the real thing.

“Nobody is allowed to raise a finger or a voice to any of the dogs. They cock their legs and do what Corgis do wherever they want — on antique furniture, priceless carpets,” Brian Hoey said in his book, Not In Front Of The Corgis.

Next: The corgi queen also took the event very seriously.

5. The queen corgi needed a minute to recover


She needed a quick nap. | adornmentsnyc via Instagram

  • Did you know: The queen even took her corgi on her honeymoon.

Keeping up appearances for those cynical New Yorkers makes hard work, evidently. The queen corgi took it easy with a — dare we say it? — catnap. Throughout the day, handlers took the corgis off for a little rest, and to get out of the hot sun.

The future queen received her very own Pembroke Welsh corgi when she turned 18, according to Good Housekeeping. She named the dog Susan. Susan also had a profound effect on the young royal, and they became inseparable. The rest, and they say, is history.

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6. Despite their antics, the royal court kept it professional

corgi wedding

They were stoic. | hapykorean via Instagram

  • Did you know: The corgis have their own special room in the palace, complete with freshly-changed sheets daily. The queen mother started the tradition, and it stuck.

The corgi wedding only makes sense, since the most important four-legged members of the court have already given Markle their bark of approval. Harry even revealed that the queen’s corgis love Markle, even though they have never liked him much. The NYC corgi royals tried their best to win over the guards, but at least one would have none of it.

But with Markle, different story. “The corgis took to you straight away. For the last 33 years, I’ve been barked at, and this one walks in, absolutely nothing, just wagging tails,” Harry joked. Markle chimed in, “Just laying on my feet during tea, it was very sweet.”

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7. If you don’t love this couple, you’re dead inside

corgi royal wedding

The corgis were adorable. | haylestr via Instagram

  • Did you know: Queen Elizabeth has had at least 30 corgis since her coronation. Does that show you the meaning of dedication, or what?

Even with all of the romping around, the corgi Meghan and Harry took a moment to themselves. While the real royals will probably have little privacy for canoodling after the royal wedding, at least their corgi versions got a little couple time. The queen loves the breed so much partly because of their temperament — when raised correctly, the sweet dogs have a very cuddly nature.

Next: While the royal wedding will have a lot more pomp and circumstance, this one also had something else.

8. This might top the list of cutest royal courts ever


It was a lighter take on the traditional event. | infanta_imperatrice via Instagram

  • Did you know: A wax figure of a corgi appeared at Madame Tussauds in London, along with wax representations of the royal family, all wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. We dare you not to chortle at that.

The royal wedding will feature a lot of serious traditions, along with the romance that makes us all go weak at the knees. But we can’t help but squeal at this very undignified — and completely adorable — royal court. For the real corgis however, no laughs allowed.

In 1999, a royal footman got demoted with a pay cut of $3,500 after he reportedly spiked the queens’ dogs’ food with whiskey and gin for fun. “He thought it was all a bit of fun which didn’t do the dogs any harm. But the powers-that-be were not amused,” said the New York Post.

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