This Couple Just Had Their Dream Wedding at Costco

By now, you’ve probably heard of weddings taking place at museums, on beaches, or even in fast food restaurants. But did you know that some couples are celebrating their love by tying the knot at Costco?

Yes, you read that correctly. Everyone’s favorite membership-only warehouse club, beloved for their rock bottom prices and fantastic quality, recently added another service to their list: Wedding venue.

Costco helps brides save money

Costco Wedding

Everything is right at their finger tips. | Channel 9

Costco members can purchase almost everything they need for their upcoming nuptials — rings, invitations, cake, food, and alcohol — right in the store. They can even book their honeymoon using Costco travel services, making the popular retail destination a one-stop shop for all things wedding.

But while engaged couples are quick to take advantage of the savings when it comes to shopping for their big day, most would never consider using the concrete and steel-clad store location as a venue.

A fairy tale wedding … at the grocery store

Somethin different….a wedding at @costco?

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One Australian couple decided to think outside the box … by getting married inside the box. But Sydney natives Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob never expected that they’d actually take the plunge by walking down the aisles of their favorite grocery destination.

“The initial idea of the wedding was meant as a bit of joke,” Sue said. “I’ve got a big family and so does he, and I wondered how we were going to do it. Then I thought I should get married at Costco because I’m there all the time — so it just made sense.”

Her dream wedding took place in the tire aisle

There's a wedding at Costco today haha

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Sue wasn’t joking at all when she walked down the aisle, surrounded by family, friends, and pallets full of merchandise. The nuptials took place in the aisle of the tire department. Then, they concluded with a vow exchange by the food court. The transformation of the space was undeniably romantic, with long rows of tables adorned by white tablecloths strewn with red and white rose petals.

Not everyone who showed up to the wedding had an invitation

Costco Wedding

The Costco regulars witnessed the ceremony. | Channel 9

Costco is the nation’s second largest retailer (surpassed only by Walmart), and newer locations boast sales of $108 million per year. And even though the store managers may believe in love, they don’t believe in sacrificing the bottom line.

That’s why Sue and Eli were welcome to have their wedding at the store — but they weren’t the only ones on premises. The one-of-a-kind wedding took place in front of 90 invited guests and an untold number of regular weekend Costco shoppers who just wanted to stock up on toilet paper.

The unique wedding venue helped them save some serious cash

Costco wedding hot dogs

Everyone knows the food court is the best part of a Costco trip. | Channel 9

The average cost per plate at a wedding is $100, and that number is often much higher if you live in a metropolitan area or if you choose fancy entrees such as seafood or filet mignon.

The thought of shelling out that kind of cash was just silly to Sue and Eli. So, catering for their Costco wedding came from the food court, with hot dogs, pizza, pies, and, of course, unlimited fountain drinks. The total bill came in for under $10 per person — in other words, even less than they would have spent to have the ceremony at a fire hall.

They weren’t the first ones to wed at Costco

Costco Wedding Cake

Costco is becoming a hit wedding destination. | Channel 9

Shockingly, Sue and Eli’s even was not the first time Costco hosted a wedding. In 2014, Robert and Meredith Bonilla tied the knot in the frozen food aisle of their local Costco in Santa Maria, California.

The couple originally met in the same aisle while shopping, so the odd choice of venue made sense to them. Flocked by a line of poinsettias, the couple stood on wooden pallets to exchange their vows. Then, they headed to the furniture section to hang out on a double recliner. If that’s not romance, we’re not sure what is.

The blissful bride wouldn’t have changed a thing

Costco Wedding

The bride was very happy with her decision. | Channel 9

Now that Sue Berkeley is happily wed, does the bride have any regrets about her choice of venue? “Where else can I get married to the one I love, in the place that I love, surrounded by the people I love?,” she said in an interview.

The answer to that rhetorical question? Anywhere. But still, it sounds like her fairy tale Costco wedding worked out. And if she’s looking for a unique location for her next big life event, she won’t have to go far. Costco has even served as a makeshift birthing place (more on that later).

They briefly considered “Costco” as a middle name

Baby Celeste was born in the Costco parking lot. | Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Chantal Ortiz and her partner Rick Davis welcomed their third child in a Costco parking lot. Baby Celeste Elaine Davis made a quick entrance just outside the doors, much to the surprise of her parents.

Mother and baby recovered perfectly after being transported to the nearby hospital. No word on whether baby Celeste will get a discount on her future Costco membership, though.