These Enchanting Photos Show What It’s Like to Have a Fox for a Pet

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have a fox for a pet? Check out the Instagram of Juniper the fox and wonder no more! Read on to find out what it’s like to live with this beautiful animal (spoiler alert: it’s not all fun and games).

1. Juniper is a rescue

Baby Juniper the fox
Juniper was rescued when she was a baby. | Juniper & Fig via Instagram

Juniper is a domestic North American red fox. She was adopted when she was five weeks old by her current momma, who had extensive experience working with foxes prior to Juniper moving in.

“Foxes, like minks and other plush animals have been bred for their fur for over a hundred years. Juniper and foxes like Juniper are considered ‘domestic fur-bearing animals’ and being that she is descended from animals that have spend many generations in captivity meant that she genetically lost many of her natural instincts,” reads her website. Today, she feels right at home.

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2. They’re even prettier up close

Juniper the fox
She’s a truly stunning animal. | Juniper & Fig via Instagram

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see a fox in the wild, you know just how beautiful these creatures are. But up close, they’re even prettier. It’s easy to see why Juniper’s Instagram is so popular — the pictures of her are stunning.

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3. They have much sharper teeth than dogs

Juniper the fox teeth
They are wild animals and do bite. | Juniper & Fig via Instagram

Though Juniper may look domestic, and even a little bit like a dog, it’s important to remember that foxes are still wild animals. As Juniper’s mom always reminds her following, “Foxes are extremely moody animals, and anyone who has worked with a fox can tell you that they’ve gotten bitten like this at least once. They’re very possessive of food and or toys and it takes a lot of training to get them to the point where this isn’t a regular occurrence.”

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4. How are they as house pets?

Juniper the fox destruction
They’re not the easiest pet to have. | Juniper & Fig via Instagram

Even tame rescue foxes don’t make easy house pets. When you take in a fox, you have to be at peace with your home more or less getting destroyed. Juniper, like most foxes, likes to dig (in the dirt, at the carpet, through furniture, etc.). She also likes to chew through different fabrics. “She’s not bias, any fabric will do. Shirts, bras, underwear, blankets, the couch. Her personal favorite though is socks,” says Juniper’s mom in this post.

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5. What Juniper eats

Juniper the fox cute
They have very specific diets. | Juniper & Fig via Instagram

In addition to munching on fabrics, Juniper has a very specific diet. “Foxes need a nutrient called Taurine in their diet. This is found in animal tissues. Without this foxes can go blind or suffer from seizures,” reads Juniper’s website. In addition to animal tissue, foxes also need a lot of calcium. Juniper personally eats quail, duck, rabbit, turkey, green beans, carrots, peas, apples, sweet potatoes, peaches, raspberries, and eggs (with the eggshell mixed in for calcium).

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6. Foxes have a strong odor

Juniper fox garden
It’s definitely a distinct odor. | Juniper & Fig via Instagram

You might be surprised to learn that foxes have a very strong, distinct odor to them.

“Once a fox pees on something, it’s incredibly difficult to get the smell out. You can smell Juniper as soon as you pull into my drive way on humid days. The smell is pretty hard to describe, I’ve personally stopped finding it unpleasant, (I’ve kind of gone nose blind) but I hear frequently from guests that it’s rather unpleasing,” reads Juniper’s website. to combat the heavy odor, Juniper’s mom regularly cleans the carpets, uses wax burners, and lights candles.

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7. Under proper supervision, they can get along with other animals just fine

Juniper the fox and dog
Juniper and Moose are the best of friends. | Juniper & Fig via Instagram

You might notice that Juniper isn’t the only animal featured in her Instagram. Her mom is a rescuer at heart and also houses a dog named moose, two sugar gliders named Petunia and Peach, and a cat named Olive. Juniper gets along particularly well with Moose, but this little family of animal misfits seems to truly love each other and cohabitate more or less harmoniously.

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