This Is the 1 Meal That Elon Musk Skips Everyday

Inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk definitely has some out-of-the-box ideas on how to stay productive. He isn’t a big believer in taking vacations, for one. But no matter how eccentric his life choices may seem, they must be effective — Musk is now a billionaire twice over.

Still, there’s no denying that some of his habits are quirky, especially his tendency to skip an important meal every day. And while some of his practices are not advised by health experts, they certainly seem to be working out for him.

Elon’s accomplishments

Road shot of silver Tesla Model 3 on California coast

Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

 Musk’s achievements are extremely impressive. He is best known for founding Tesla Motors, which revolutionized electric cars. He also started the web software company that eventually became Paypal and launched several other successful ventures. And speaking of launching, he’s also the lead designer at SpaceX.

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 Working in five minute increments and avoiding phone calls

Smart phone with new message

He prefers texts and emails. | CarmenMurillo/iStock/Getty Images

 Some of Musk’s advice for success seems normal, if not a bit controversial: He prefers email and texts over phone calls so he can avoid wasting time, and he promotes getting plenty of sleep, although he admits he averages six hours instead of eight. But one of his quirkier habits is something he shares with a fellow billionaire, Bill Gates: He schedules his work in five minute increments.

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Too busy for breakfast?

omelet breakfast

He skips the most important meal of the day. | iStock/Getty Images

 Musk has admitted many times that he typically skips breakfast. Most of the time, he’s simply too busy. When he does find a few minutes for a morning meal, it’s usually an omelet and coffee.

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Showering is more important

Shower with running water

He considers it his most important daily habit. | silverjohn/iStock/Getty Images

 There is one habit Musk always makes time for: A shower. He once told Reddit it was his most important daily habit. Considering it costs him his breakfast, it must be vital to him.

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The most important meal of the day?

Bowl of cereal coffee mug

Breakfast boosts brainpower. | warrengoldswain/iStock/Getty Images

 Clearly, what Musk is doing is working for him. But you may have heard the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and research backs that up. Enjoying a healthy breakfast can boost your brainpower, help you avoid cravings and lose weight, and boost your metabolism.

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Secrets of a successful entrepreneur

elon musk gives a speech in a gray blazer

Whatever he’s doing is working for him. | David McNew/AFP/Getty Images

 Breakfast or not, Musk is clearly doing something right. Luckily, his other habits make up for his skipping breakfast: Aside from prioritizing sleep and learning the art of multitasking, Musk still finds times to exercise even during his 100-hour work week. He prefers to use the treadmill and lift weights, both of which have great benefits.

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The breakfast habits of other entrepreneurs

Hard boiled egg breakfast

The Twitter CEO loves harboiled eggs in the morning. | budgaugh/iStock/Getty Images

 Musk isn’t the only business mogul to skip breakfast — Bill Gates is also guilty of this habit. But some other entrepreneurs seem to understand its importance. Richard Branson enjoys fruit salad and muesli, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey indulges in two hardboiled eggs with soy sauce, and former dancer Payal Kadakia, who founded ClassPass, fuels herself with vitamins, fruit, and Starbucks green tea in the morning.

If there is a common thread that makes all of these powerhouses successful, their morning meal of choice surely isn’t it.

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