This Is the Best Item From IKEA’s New Line of Pet Products

We have another reason for you to visit your local IKEA store: The home store giant has introduced a new line of pet products. Head to your nearest IKEA to pick up stylish accessories for the pets in your family (items are only available in stores).

Ahead, find out why we love the collection so much and which item is our favorite.  

The collection is modern

LURVIG Cat house on legs, white, $49.99 | Ikea

IKEA is known for their minimal and modern Scandinavian design aesthetic. So it makes sense their design aesthetic would be carried over to their pet collection. Every item in the 80-piece collection is modern yet playful. The collection focuses on four main colors — green, orange, black, and white.

Every item is practical

LURVIG Indentification tube, stainless steel color, $0.99 | Ikea

This IKEA collection is the perfect combination of practicality and style. For example, the LURVIG identification tube looks like a chic collar accessory. But, as the name suggests, the tube holds a piece of paper with contact information. Simply write your name and phone number on a small scrap of paper and slip the sheet inside the tube.

The collection is affordable

LURVIG Scratching mat, natural, $5.99 | Ikea

Any pet owner can tell you, pet-related products are expensive. However, IKEA’s pet collection is affordable. No item in the collection exceeds $55, and most products in the collection are under $10.

Items are versatile

LURVIG Blanket, black, white, $19.99 | Ikea

Many of the items in the pet collection can be used in different ways. For instance, beds and blankets in the collection can be used for both cats and dogs. Scratch mats for cats can be wrapped around the leg of a coffee table to become a scratching post. And cat houses can be mounted on the wall or used like a side table by attaching legs to the base.

Our favorite item

LURVIG, Cushion, white, $7.99 | Ikea

These cushions are our favorite item in the entire collection because every cushion is removable and machine washable. Easily clean your pet’s bed by tossing the cover in the wash. Gone are the days of vacuuming loose hairs off your pet’s bed!

Nothing looks too obvious

KALLAX, Shelf unit, white, $34.99 | Ikea

When I think of pet products, a carpeted tower for a cat to climb on comes to mind. However, nothing in IKEA’s pet collection looks bulky or as obvious as a cat tower. Many items can be integrated into IKEA furniture pet owners already have in their homes. For example, cat houses fit perfectly in IKEA’s shelf units.

Buy a lint roller, too

BÄSTIS Lint roller, blue, $0.79 | Ikea

While you’re at IKEA, pick up a lint roller. Conveniently located next to the pet items, a lint roller is a must-have for any pet owner. IKEA stocks lint-rollers priced well below competitors, so you’ll want to buy one for your car and home.

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