This Is the No. 1 Most Iconic Food You Have to Eat When Visiting Disney Parks

Whooshing through a starry night on Space Mountain, giving Mickey a high-five, watching in awe as the Parade of Lights twinkles by — it’s all a part of what makes visiting a Disney park so magical. But what makes Disney so delicious? The food, of course! Get ready for a countdown of Disney’s most popular foods, topped by one ultra-amazing item on the menu that takes the cake for “most iconic.”

9. Funnel cake

Funnel Cake on white plate

Disney’s version comes with strawberries and ice cream. |

The funnel cake is a Disney parks classic. From strawberry-topped with vanilla ice cream, powdered sugar, cinnamon, or drizzled in chocolate, they’re all at Disneyland’s Oasis Canteen. The Disney Food Blog describes the strawberry-topped with vanilla ice cream funnel cake as “[a] mix of hot and cold, crunchy and creamy — totally worth the mess as far as I’m concerned!”

8. Bacon and sour cream stuffed baked potato

It’s the ultimate comfort food. |

Visit Anaheim lists the Bacon and Sour Cream Stuffed Baked Potato as one of the top 10 best foods in Disneyland. It’s easy to see why. For $7, you get a generously sized baked potato smothered in cheese, bacon bits, chives and sour cream. You can find this very hearty, very popular bite at Troubadour Tavern.

7. Toasted cheese sandwich with tomato-basil soup

This is the best combination. |

Next on the list is the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe’s toasted cheese sandwich with tomato-basil soup. For $9.99, you can score a buttery, gooey cheese sandwich to dip into creamy, famously delicious tomato-basil soup.

“Now, I don’t know if it’s made from scratch or if it arrives at Disney frozen by the ton or in huge barrels,” says Katherine Spiers of LA Weekly, “I don’t care, because it is wildly delicious. Truly one of the better soups I’ve experienced of late, whatever its origin.”

6. Fried chicken dinner

Two hands holding a piece of crispy fried chicken.

It’s a filling meal worth the price. |

Another item that consistently makes it into top-Disney-foods lists is the fried chicken dinner at the Plaza Inn. As a dinner item, it’s a bit pricier at $17.49, but, as various food blogs will tell you, it’s worth every penny.

The meal includes three pieces of golden-brown fried chicken seasoned with distinctive herbs and spices (Visit Anaheim says the colonel has nothing on Disney when it comes to the chicken), served with mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, and a buttermilk biscuit. If you’re looking to fill up after a long day of walking through the park, head on over to the Plaza Inn.

5. Turkey leg

Disney turkey legs

The 1.5 pound turkey leg is a hit. | Disney

It’s hard to imagine going to a theme park and not munching on a giant turkey leg. You can find these larger-than-life snacks at Don Tomas Turkey Legs, Hot Foods, Ship to Shore Marketplace, and Edelweiss Snacks, to name a few locations. Great for an extra dose of protein to make it through a ride-filled day, turkey legs are a Disney staple. Not to mention, they’re a fun photo opportunity!

4. Mickey beignets


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Mickey-shaped foods tend to do well in Disney parks, and the Mickey beignets are no exception. You can find these little mouse-eared sweets at Café Orleans or the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of traveling to New Orleans, you know just how good these doughy powdered sugar treats are. The Disney beignets are the closest you’ll get next to the real thing at Cafe’ Du Monde. Experience double the goodness by dipping your Mickey beignet in a cup of hot chocolate or café mocha.

3. Corn dog

Corn Dogs with fries on wooden board

The cornbread coating is what does the trick. |

A quick snack you can eat on the go, the corn dog is another Disney park staple. Not only does a Disney park corndog provide a nice dose of nostalgia, but they are also famously tasty. LA Weekly calls Disney corn dogs “the best corn dog in all of existence.” They say it’s all in the breading. “The batter is flavorful — it actually tastes like real cornbread — and thick.” Luckily, you can find these dogs in several places: The Little Red Wagon, Stage Door Cafe, and Corn Dog Castle.

2. Churros

With over 2.8 million sold at Disneyland alone each year, churros are one of Disney’s single-most popular food items. One of the more prominent smells at Disney parks is the smell of freshly baked dough and cinnamon. You can find these hugely popular, classic treats all over the parks at different food carts. Additionally, they’re one of the cheaper snacks available at Disney parks coming in at about $4 a stick.

1. Dole Whip

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The number one most iconic food item at every Disney park is a nice, cool cup of Dole Whip, a pineapple-flavored soft-serve frozen dessert. Ranked a top contender in almost every top Disney food list, it seems that everyone who goes to Disney has Dole Whip on the brain. You can find this famous treat at the Tiki Juice Bar just outside the Enchanted Tiki Room. But be wary: On a hot day, the line to get a Dole Whip can have an even longer wait than the line to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure.