This is the Sweet Reason Why Prince William Stayed at The Carlyle Hotel

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William

When it came to his first trip to New York City, Prince William knew exactly where he wanted to stay. The royal couple had their choice of extravagant hotels or lavish accommodations. But Prince William chose one hotel, The Carlyle because it reminded him of his mother, Princess Diana.

Whenever Princess Diana came to New York she often stayed at the iconic Carlyle Hotel, People reports. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to New York, and their entrance into the Carlyle was documented in the film, Always at the Carlyle. Jennifer Cooke, Director of Communications at The Carlyle said, “The duke and duchess I think definitely stayed here at the Carlyle because Princess Diana used to stay here and she was very fond of this hotel.”

“I know that they had heard about it,” she added. “I heard him say that in the lobby that he had heard so much about this hotel through the years and they were really happy to be here.” Here’s how the hotel and the royal family are connected.

The Carlyle Hotel has a rich history

The 87-year old hotel’s location is just iconic as the building itself. Situated on Madison Avenue in New York’s Upper East Side neighborhood, The Carlyle Hotel has a rich history of hosting heads of state to wild exploits of celebrities like Bill Murray, according to AFAR.

The hotel was built by architects Bien & Prince, but named for British essayist Thomas Carlyle, according to New York Magazine. To this day, the hotel offers uniformed elevator operators, grandiose decor and white glove service.

Princess Diana stayed in the most sought after suite

Princess Diana

Princess Diana | Royal Reviewer via YouTube

When she visited New York, Princess Diana requested the Royal Suite, according to Architectural Digest. Princess Diana wasn’t the only high profile celebrity who preferred that room. Michael Jackson favored the suite too.

Located on the 22nd floor of the hotel, the Royal Suite boasts 1,800 square feet, built-in bookshelves, and a floor to ceiling marble fireplace. It is only one of three suites with 14-foot ceilings. Price for the suite, complete with the luxury linens and mass expanse is $8,000 per night.

However, the Royal Suite isn’t the most expensive accommodation. The Empire Suite goes for a whopping $20,000 a night, Newsweek.reports.

This iconic story is still told about Princess Diana

In the 1990s, one elevator operator was privy to a powerhouse ride at the hotel. Elevator Dan Camp recalled an evening ride with Princess Diana, Steve Jobs and Michael Jackson, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the star power in the elevator, the ride was rather quiet until Princess Diana broke into her version of Beat It, according to Newsweek.

Prince William and Kate Middleton seemed to appreciate the hotel’s charm

News footage of the royal couple entering the hotel shows how taken they were with the Carlye. The couple looks delighted exiting their car and walking into the hotel.

The crowd was equally delighted to see them. Journalist Piers Morgan recalls the excitement in the documentary. “I saw them arriving and it was an amazing moment because New Yorkers, in particular, tend to be very sanguine about the royals until they’re actually near them, and then like everybody else in the world they go completely bonkers,” People recounts.

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