This Is Why Your Dog Always Wants to Sleep With You

If this ever happened to you, you’re not alone.

Let’s say you spent weeks researching dog beds, evaluating reviews to find the comfiest one for your four-legged best friend. You may have balked at the price of that fancy memory foam dog bed at first, but eventually you justified it because you love your dog like a member of the family. That’s why it’s so frustrating that he’d rather sleep in your bed than his own.

Dogs aren’t just trying to be jerks when they choose your bed over the fancy dog bed you bought for them. In fact, there are a few scientific reasons why your dog wants to sleep in your bed instead.


Dog is lying on back on the bed

Dog in bed | Chalabala/iStock/Getty Images

They invade your bed because they’re lonely

Unlike cats, dogs are social creatures who want to be part of the action. If you’re hanging out in bed binge-watching Netflix and having some snacks, then they’ll naturally want to join you there. The same goes if you are going to sleep – they may just want someone to cuddle with, and you’re naturally the top choice.

They might be cold

Ever sleep on the floor? You’re much more likely to feel a draft on a chilly winter night. That’s a stark contrast to your cozy bed, which has the added bonus of blankets, body heat, and the inner warmth that comes from snuggling up next to someone you love.

They want to stretch out

Unless you happened to purchase a queen-sized doggy bed, it’s unlikely that the option you picked is as spacious as your bed. Some dog beds are designed for pups to curl up rather than stretch out, which may not be their preferred way to sleep. The best solution? Hopping in your bed, where there’s plenty of space to get comfy.

The bed smells like you

Who’s your dog’s favorite person in the world? You are.

Your dog might want to sleep in your bed because he just loves smelling you. Remember, a dog’s sense of smell is 40 times better than a human’s.  Even if you’ve just laundered all your bedding, he’ll still be able to detect your unique scent in your bed.

Dog sleeping on a bed

Dog sleeping on a bed | TatyanaGI/iStock/Getty Images

The bed smells like him

Dogs like familiar places. Once he sleeps in your bed a few times, he’s more likely to return to that place because it has his scent on it. Even if he’s only napping there during the day, the scent transfer will remain strong and may entice him to spend the whole night in bed as well.

He has a sense of entitlement

If you spoil your dog in every way, then don’t be surprised to catch him snoozing in the master’s bed. Dogs who believe they have an elevated status in the home are much more likely to rebel against the rules and choose your bed instead.

He knows it’s wrong

If you’ve scolded your dog for sleeping on your bed but he just keeps doing it, he may actually enjoy breaking the rules. Just like humans get a little thrill from being naughty, dogs sometimes misbehave on purpose just because they can.

He loves you

At the end of the day, most dogs sleep in bed with you because they love you. It’s the same reason they follow you from room to room and excitedly run to the front door when you get home with their tails wagging, even if you’ve been gone for just five minutes. Your dog wants to sleep with you because you’re his favorite person in the whole world. Sometimes bending the rules and letting him is worth it.