This Social Media Account May Change the Way People Shop at Costco (and 8 Other Stores) Forever

Social media has changed the way we do everything — including shop online. With so many bloggers and influencers posting their favorite finds from across the web, it’s now easier than ever to swipe up on an item you love.

That said, some of these bloggers have dedicated entire feeds to a single store, sharing must-have items, discounts, and more.

Ahead, we take a look at some of the social media accounts that are changing the way people shop at Costco (page 5), Target (page 6), Amazon (page 7), and more!

1. Home Goods

The account highlights items from the San Carlos, California, location. | homegoodsobsessed via Instagram

Love HomeGoods? Follow @homegoodsobsessed for some awesome HomeGoods finds. While the account mostly highlights items from the San Carlos, California location, many HomeGoods stores carry similar items and trending styles.

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2. Walmart

bikini and accessories
It showcases surprising Walmart finds. | walmartfinds via Instagram

Shopping at Walmart just got easier with @walmartfinds. The Instagram account highlights some of the most stylish items found in store and online — most of which will leave you thinking, “there’s no way that’s from Walmart!”

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3. Hobby Lobby

store shelves
It helps you keep up with all the inventory. | hobbylobbylife via Instagram

If you’re a frequent Hobby Lobby shopper, you’re going to want to follow this Instagram account. From home decor to cooking supplies, @hobbylobbylife highlights new and must-try items, making it easier for you to shop (and decide what to use that 40% off coupon for).

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4. Trader Joe’s

falafel mix
You’ll find major meal inspiration from this account. | traderjoeslist via Instagram

Calling all Trader Joe’s addicts: @traderjoeslist is the ultimate way to find dinner inspiration and discover new items at Trader Joe’s. From recipes to seasonal items, this Instagram account has all of your Trader Joe’s needs covered.

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5. Costco

sea salt
The account highlights the best deals. | costco_doesitagain via Instagram

Shopping at Costco just got a whole lot easier with @costco_doesitagain. The account highlights some of the best deals on healthy foods (including some of the same pricey brands found at Whole Foods), home goods, personal hygiene and more!

Now, instead of roaming the aisles of Costco for great finds, members can browse through the Costco Does It Again feed for items to add to their list.

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6. Target

Magnolia paint
You can shop at Target from the comfort of Instagram. | targetdoesitagain via Instagram

Addicted to Target? You’ll want to check out the original “does it again” account, @targetdoesitagain. Created by the same bloggers who started Costco Does It Again, this Instagram feed is full of the best Target finds — including items from Chip and Joanna Gaines’ collection — sneak peeks, deals, and more!

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7. Amazon

The home account highlights some of the best goods on the site. | amazonhome via Instagram

Looking for an easier way to shop home decor and fashion on Amazon? Follow the company’s Instagram accounts, @amazonfashion and @amazonhome. Both feeds highlight some of the best home goods, apparel, accessories, and more.

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8. Michaels and Joann Fabric

gift boxes
Connect with other crafters through the branded hashtags. | michaelsstores via Instagram

For those who love to DIY, Michaels and Joann Fabric have excellent Instagram feeds full of inspiration for knitting, sewing, painting, and more! They’ve even created a way for customers to share homemade creations with other crafters through branded hashtags #makeitwithmichaels and #handmadewithjoann.

In addition to Michaels’ branded hashtag, craft enthusiasts have also taken it upon themselves to use #madewithmichaels to share projects and inspiration.

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