This Is the 1 Thought We All Have Every Time We Watch ‘Barefoot Contessa’

Ina Garten is pretty much perfection. She’s a master chef, a seasoned gardener, and of course, a total pro at throwing the most sophisticated dinner parties anyone could ever ask for. From Barefoot Contessa stardom to a garden that’s serious green thumb goals, there’s nothing the woman can’t do.

Don’t believe us? Just watch an episode of her show and see for yourself. Ask any true fan how they perceive Garten, and you’ll hear the same thing. So, without further ado, let’s get to it. We’re counting down to the No. 1 thought we all have when watching an episode of Barefoot Contessa.

15. I want to shop where Ina shops

Welcome back #bookhampton !! You're looking gorgeous. Thank you #CarolynBrody, @deborahberke, and @rjjulia

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Her market, her flower shop — it’s all so, dare we say, perfect. Set in her idyllic little town are her tried and true shops. And not at all surprisingly, the places she swears by are just as idyllic as everything else in her life. Ina’s go-to market has the best selection of all things meat and cheese, and she has nothing but the freshest flowers around. And yes, it’s all perfect.

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14. Are her neighbors really real?

Ina Garten entertains friends

Ina always has guests over. |

It’s pretty convenient that her neighbors happen to pop over just as she’s finishing up a delicious meal. But really, who could blame them? If we lived in the near vicinity, we’d be popping over unannounced on the reg, too.

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13. I wish I lived in Ina’s neighborhood

Breakfast is served! #raspberrycornmuffins #sundaymorning

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Like we were saying, living in Ina’s neighborhood would be a total dream. Hungry? No problem. Why go to the market when you can knock on the front door of one of the most celebrated celebrity chefs of our time?

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12. She makes those perfectly crafted cocktails look so easy

Oh no! Not more cocktails!! #aperolspritzers #cookingforjeffrey

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Crafting the perfect cocktail isn’t easy. If you’ve ever tried to emulate the ones that Ina makes for her guests, you know this all too well. Her drinks are made to perfection each and every time. Seriously. We just can’t seem to figure it out.

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11. Her dinner parties are everything

Never too early to plan your Thanksgiving table! #Thanksgiving #makeitahead #cookingforjeffrey

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Ina prepares everything, right down to the end-of-evening dessert, in advance, and it’s a serious skill. Her whole mentality is that hosts and guests alike should all enjoy their evening together, and it makes total sense. In fact, we think everyone should adopt this habit. Plan ahead, prep before your guests arrive, and actually be able to enjoy each other’s company. It’s a no-brainer.

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10. I wish my spouse cooked like that for me

Imagine coming home every day to a house that’s filled with aromas of home cooked meals and sweet pastries galore. Lucky for Ina’s husband, Jeffrey, that’s reality. For real. Not only does Ina’s main squeeze not have to lift a finger in the kitchen, but he gets to enjoy some of the best meals anyone could ever ask for on a daily basis.

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9. Is that how much butter I use when I cook, too?

Portion of Butter

Ina has a heavy hand when it comes to butter. |

Butter is a beautiful thing. When Ina cooks, there’s no shortage of it. Clearly, the woman’s not afraid to slather on the butter and pile it into her recipes. And quite frankly, we love that about her. However, seeing as it’s definitely something that we notice, it begs the question, “How much butter am I using whenever I cook? Is it that much?” All in all, it’s probably not a huge deal, and the fact that our girl Ina makes us ponder this probably isn’t the worst thing in the world.

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8. She makes minimalism look so chic

The powerhouse business woman behind the Barefoot Contessa empire hardly needs to watch her pennies, and we’re not saying that her style is within reach for most of us. However, it’s certainly something to strive for. One view into her East Hamptons abode, and it’s clear to see how her effortless style makes its way into every facet of her home decor. Nothing’s too over-the-top, and her quiet elegance really shines.

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7. Her garden, oh my!

After the storm! #AnnabelleHydrangeas #Clematis

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Yes, she really does do it all. Go to the grocery store for fresh herbs? Who does that? Certainly not Ina, that’s for sure. In fact, she has one of the most beautiful gardens of all time. Like, seriously. A bevvy of vegetable beds, colorful flowers, and herb plants come to life in the most enviable garden in the hood.

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6. Can she adopt me?

Love the winter light. #snowday #easthampton

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We all know that Ina and Jeffrey don’t have any kids of their own. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have room to adopt a couple of strays, right? We would absolutely love to spend just one weekend — preferably a rainy one — hanging around their Hamptons home in our sweats, being catered to and eating to our hearts’ delight. Because hey, it never hurts to have goals.

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5. Ina and Jeffrey = relationship goals

Jeffrey and Ina Garten on a Balcony

They still seem so in love. | Ina Garten via Facebook

Every time her beloved Jeffrey walks in the house, her face lights up. It’s clear to see that their relationship is just as loving as the day they got married, and it’s not changing anytime soon. They respect one another, and truly cherish each other’s company. Their marriage is the real deal, and it has us swooning.

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4. Does Jeffrey ever cook?

Ina Garten and husband Jeffrey

Jeffrey only makes coffee. |

This is a very normal question to ask when you’re watching the show, and we have the answer for you. Jeffrey doesn’t cook much, and why would he ever need to? However, he can make a mean cup of coffee.

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3. That theme music is oh so soothing

Ina Garten prepares dinner

Her show is always so relaxing to watch. |

Every time the Barefoot Contessa theme starts playing, we’re one soothing sound away from being lulled right to sleep. We’re either hit with that, or a serious case of longing to be watching the show with our mom, who is, of course, an unrivaled fan of Ina’s.

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2. I could totally cook like Ina … if only I had all day

Ina Garten prepares a meal

Her recipes are rarely quick. |

Yeah right. Well, what we mean to say is that we’re right there with you. How easy it would be to create the most delicious meal if only we had all day to spend going to the market and cooking in the kitchen. OK, well, maybe we’re being a bit too ambitious here. Even if we did have all day, we doubt our meals would turn out like Ina’s.

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1. Her kitchen in the Hamptons … what?

Ina Garten in her kitchen

Ina Garten always keeps her design simple. |

Ina’s sunlit kitchen is what dreams are made of. It’s nothing short of perfection, and it makes us want to take a sledgehammer to our own kitchen. Those pristine counter tops, beautiful white cabinets, and every appliance to match are serious decorating goals.

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