Timeless Kitchen Decorating Details That Will Never Go Out of Style

There’s a reason the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of your home. It’s where we create delicious, nurturing meals for our friends and family. With that in mind, it deserves to be decorated in a way that’s both beautiful and functional, special and practical. Most importantly, you want to pick a design that you won’t feel like you’ll have to update every five years — a design that will stand the test of time.

Luckily, that dream is totally possible! Read on to see the seven timeless kitchen decorating styles we recommend most.

1. Open layouts

Open layout kitchen and living room

An open kitchen and living area makes your space seem larger. | Jodie Johnson/iStock

Want a bigger kitchen? Knock a wall down. Open layout kitchens are perfect for the family who loves to entertain. Removing unnecessary walls creates a nice, open space and allows you to keep the conversation flowing. “A desire for informal dining and comfortable cooking drives this design trend, supporting a casual yet connected lifestyle,” says Better Homes & Gardens. The publication adds, “Open kitchens encourage interaction and entertainment with their breezy blend of living spaces.”

Not only is this type of layout perfect for big families and having people over, but it’s also an easy way to make you feel like your kitchen has doubled in size. Opening up this space to the rest of the house will make your whole home flow better and breathe easier.

Not sure where to get started on opening up your kitchen? Check out this guide.

2. Deep drawers

Deep kitchen drawers

Easy storage for your pots and pans. | Margoe Edwards/iStock

Ample storage space is usually at the top of everyone’s kitchen priority list, so what’s better than having lots of cabinets and drawers? Having lots of deep cabinets and drawers. Trust us, you want a drawer that can hold more than cutlery. Imagine stacking all of your plates in one drawer, or fitting all of your pots and pans in another. If you’ve been living with average-sized drawers your whole life, this may seem impossible. But once you experience having deep drawers in your kitchen, you’ll never go back.

Here’s some deep drawer inspiration from Houzz.

3. Neutral colors

Neutral modern kitchen

Neutral colors modernize your space. | Eloisa Conti/iStock

Remember when burgundy was a go-to color for home decor in the early 80s? Chances are, most of those walls have been painted over by now. When choosing a color palette for your kitchen, it’s a safe bet to go with something a little more neutral. Neutral walls, cabinets, and tiles are soothing, timeless, and not at all distracting. However, you don’t necessarily need to stick with all white. You can always experiment with soft browns, grays, blues, and greens as well.

HGTV can help get you started in choosing the right neutral color palette for you and your home.

4. Stainless steel

Modern kitchen with granite counters

It’s always a safe bet to use stainless steel. | Irina88w/iStock

Stainless steel continues to reign supreme in the world of appliances. It’s been around for years, yet a kitchen filled with stainless steel always seems to have that “new” feeling. It can take a beating and still maintain its classic shine, another factor in its popularity. Plus, it’s perfect for both serious cooks and large families that can’t help but to leave their appliances with a couple bumps and bruises over time.

To match your beautiful stainless steel appliances, you can’t go wrong buying a nice set of stainless steel pots and pans. You can hang them up to show off, or you can keep them tucked away in your deep drawers. Either way, cooking with stainless steel will have you feeling like a serious chef.

Get inspired with these stainless steel kitchen design ideas from Houzz.

5. Marble countertops

White marble countertop on dark background

Marble counters are both classic and modern. | Essential Image/iStock

There’s just something so elegant about a marble countertop. It’s bright, clean, and reminiscent of the past. Plus, marble naturally stays cool, which is great for cooking on a hot summer day or when you’re working with temperature-sensitive foods. And because they’re so popular, these countertops are easy to find; just about every countertop store you go into will have a few marble selections for you to sample.

Despite its reputation, marble actually isn’t too expensive compared to other types of countertops. ImproveNet quotes the average cost of marble countertops to be $60 per square foot. Its most common competitor, quartz, rings in at an average of $75 per square foot without installation fees.

If you’re thinking of using this classic material, HGTV has some great ideas on how to style your kitchen around marble countertops.

6. Big sinks

Large stainless kitchen sink

Large sinks are as beautiful as they are functional. | Kikimora-kikimora/iStock

You’ve probably never heard a complaint about a kitchen sink that’s too large. Is there anything worse than trying to do dishes after a family meal or dinner party when the sink is so shallow that you can hardly maneuver the pots and pans around to get anything clean? Like it or not, we use our sinks more than we use any other appliance in our kitchen. That’s why it’s so important to choose something functional and beautiful that you’ll love to use. No matter which material you opt for, we promise you won’t regret getting a sink that’s big enough to soak all your pots and pans at once.

Find the extra large kitchen sink of your dreams right here.

7. Good lighting

Kitchen with pendant lighting and stools

Pendant and ambient lighting are perfect for prepping or parties. | Lockongraphics/iStock

You do a lot of technical work in the kitchen, like fine slicing, dicing, and chopping. So, naturally, you want to be able to see what you’re doing. Undoubtedly, the best type of lighting to have in the kitchen is natural light. Big, open windows can really open up and brighten a kitchen.

However, if you don’t have the space or budget to add some additional natural light, take the time to find the perfect lighting fixtures. Ideally, every home makes use of three types of lighting: Ambient, task, and accent. Ambient provides overall illumination, task helps you perform specific work (like chopping), and accent adds drama and visual interest. A truly timeless kitchen will have all three.

To find out how to stylishly and functionally light your kitchen, check out this list from HouseBeautiful.