Tons of People Are Breaking Their Phones Trying to Replicate This One Impressive Selfie


When things go viral, they go viral very quickly. So when this Twitter user, Seth Schneider, was able to get a selfie while clapping in his bathroom mirror, it didn’t take long to rack up 170,000 retweets.

And with those retweets came a TON of people who were trying to copy him…

…with varying degrees of success.

To get the shot, you have to quickly hit the button on your phone, then clap or “high-five yourself” (as his tweet puts it), then, hopefully, recover in time to catch your airborne phone before it hits the ground or anything else.

As you’ll see, many of the attempts were successful, but many were not. Keep an eye out for the guy who placed a pillow underneath his phone so it wouldn’t break. That might not be in keeping with the spirit of the stunt, but it makes plenty of sense nonetheless.