Travel Like Donald Trump: Where the 2016 Candidates Vacation

Barack Obama likes to head to Hawaii with his family. Ronald Reagan retreated to his ranch in Santa Barbara when he needed time away from the White House. John F. Kennedy preferred to relax at his family’s estate in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Presidential vacations have been a long-standing, if occasionally controversial, tradition. We won’t know until November who’s going to occupy the Oval Office in 2016, but we can predict where the next president might be spending his or her downtime. Here are the favorite vacation spots of the remaining 2016 candidates, plus our suggestions for what to do if you decide to head to one of their preferred travel destinations.

Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton and bill clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard in 1997 | STEPHEN JAFFE/AFP/Getty Images

When her husband was president, Hillary and the rest of the Clinton family vacationed in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Hilton Head, South Carolina, but they were most often spotted at Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts. The political power couple still visits the island, but lately they’ve been vacationing in another posh spot — the Hamptons. In 2015, Bill and Hillary, along with daughter Chelsea and her family, spent two weeks at a four-bedroom beachfront home in Amagansett that cost more than $50,000 a week.

Clinton has reportedly been vacationing in the tony Long Island community for years, where she’s a familiar face around town.

“People in the Hamptons regard the Clintons as neighbors and friends, whether it’s a local shopkeeper, or a farmer, or a fisherman here, or the celebrities who visit in the summer,” Robert Zimmerman, a Clinton friend and supporter, told Politico.

If you go: Manhattan’s elite like to escape to the Hamptons on summer weekends. The Parrish Art Museum, located in a building designed by Herzog & de Meuron, features works by artists like Jackson Pollock and William de Kooning, who both lived in the area. For basic and budget-friendly eats, head to Candy Kitchen in Bridgehampton, which has been serving ice cream and classic diner fare since 1925.

Donald Trump

donald trump

Donald Trump at the Trump Doral Golf Resort & Spa in 2013 | Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump once wrote, “Don’t take vacations. What’s the point? If you’re not enjoying your work, you’re in the wrong job.” In the past, he’s also criticized President Obama for his time away from the Oval Office. “He takes more vacations than any human being I’ve ever seen … it sends a very, very bad message,” he told Fox News in 2011.

Yet it seems the billionaire real estate mogul isn’t totally opposed to a little R&R, provided it happens at one of his own golf resorts.

“I only go to my places. I go to Turnberry in Scotland, I go to Aberdeen in Scotland. I go to Doonbeg, which I own, in Ireland. I go to Doral, Trump National Doral, in Miami, one of the great resorts of the world,” Trump told The Daily Caller in 2015. “I only like to go to places that I own, because, you know, I don’t have enough time. What do I want to sit in somebody else’s resort for?

If you go: The 800-acre National Doral Golf Resort & Spa, which first opened in the 1960s, was completely rehabbed in 2012, after it was purchased by Trump Hotels. Amenities include four golf courses, redesigned guest rooms, a 48,000-square-foot spa, and multiple restaurants. The resort is close to the Miama airport and convenient to attractions like the Frost Art Museum and Marlins Park.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders at a 2016 campaign event in New Hampshire | Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders believes every American should get paid vacation time. In 2015, he introduced a bill requiring every company with 15 or more employees to provide at least two weeks of paid vacation to workers.

“This is already done in almost every other major country on earth,” Sanders said on the Senate floor. “If families are overworked and if husbands and wives do not even have the time to spend together with their kids … at least for two weeks a year, people can come together under a relaxed environment and enjoy the family.”

Sanders might want everyone to be able to take a vacation, but the Vermont Senator doesn’t appear to take a lot of time off himself. Even his 1988 honeymoon with wife Jane was really a work trip. The day after getting married, the couple joined a 12-person delegation from Burlington, Vermont, on a visit to their sister-city of Yaroslavl, in what was then the U.S.S.R. At the time, Sanders was the mayor of Burlington. In 1990, after being elected to Congress for the first time, he took a slightly more conventional vacation to Mexico, though he and his wife were so broke they had to borrow money from a friend to afford the trip.

If you go: The historical city center of Yaroslavl, about 165 miles north of Moscow, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city, which is situated at the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl Rivers, is home to St. John the Baptist Church, which is topped by no less than 15 distinctive onion domes, and is also the site of the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, founded in the 12th century.

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